Dragon Palace Dim Sum, Northbridge (Perth)

Dragon Palace Dim Sum, Northbridge (Perth)


Think Dim Sum in Perth and the one of the names that come to mind is Dragon Palace. It’s one of the few restaurants whose name is synonymous with authentic Dim Sum Lunches in Perth.

Situated in Northbridge, ala Chinatown, Dragon Palace Seafood Restaurant (it’s full name), is located within the premises of a two storey building that looked rather promising on first sight. Tables were spread out fairly far apart, unlike say Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong and the noise levels for a yum cha dim sum restaurant are kept to a somewhat acceptable volume – you wouldn’t need to shout to get yourself heard – Lin Heung.

Besides an ala carte menu that I have yet to try or look at, the wait staff pushes around a trolley filled with dim sum that comes out piping hot from the kitchen – where you select your dishes from. Trust me – the diners here are competitive. Of course, ,you can wait for them to come around your table but the popular choices might have already been taken up. (On a side note, if you choose to dine at Lin Heung, be prepared to leave your seat and grab the dim sum that you want as the probability that the dim sum trolley leaves its initial spot is close to zero.)

Rather than give an individual account of the individual items on the menu, I’d thought I’ll just give a one off idea of how the food at Dragon Palace is. Would you agree with me when I say that if you’re far away from home a.k.a Singapore, or far away from the reaches of superior dim sum in Hong Kong, anything that is slightly above average can be considered excellent? That, my friends, is exactly how I would define my experience at Dragon Palace.

There were a few hits and misses for their items; Service quality was sub par – a result of their own success – Case in point, our request for a bottle of water for a patron on our table was only fulfilled after 3 or 4 attempts.

That said, would I go back again? Sure thing! It’s above-average comfort Chinese food in a Western land. Who can say NO to that?

The skin of the Xiao Long Bao were far too hard and thick for my liking. My suggestion: Save the calories and stick to Din Tai Fung when you visit Singapore!

Steamed Pork Balls.

(Did not try this.) Steamed Custard Buns.

Egg Tarts

I continue to lust for those that I had in Hong Kong.

See a review of Tai Cheong Bakery along Lyndhurst St, Central, on a friend’s blog.

Steamed Char Siew Pork Buns

Bite sized Chicken pieces marinated in a spicy Sze-chuan sauce.

Not for the faint hearted – the chefs did not go easy on the Sze Chuan Peppers.

Steamed Pork Dumplings – Siew Mai

Steamed Shrump Dumplings – Har Gow

Steamed Cow’s Stomach (Thanks Daniel)

An accquired taste – I felt that the sauce was exceedingly sweet for my liking.

Steamed Mussels

My suggestion – Skip.

Deep Fried Fish

A good starter to keep those itchy mouths busy while waiting for food to be served or the dim sum cart to come around.

Steamed Rice Rolls

The sauce that Dragon palace used is somewhat different from what I’m used to. My Favourite thus far, Royal China at Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls

Steamed Pork

Century Egg Porridge

One word describes the congee here – BLAND.

Deep Fried Yam Balls

Baked Char Siew Rolls.

Steamed Stuffed Rolls

This was really good in my opinion. I liked the mixture of pork and mushrooms.


Dragon Palace Restaurant


66 Francis St, Northbridge WA 6003


9228 2888

Trading Hours:

Lunch  Weekdays 10:30am – 3:00pm  Weekends 10:00am – 3:00pm

Dinner  6:00pm – Late



8 thoughts on “Dragon Palace Dim Sum, Northbridge (Perth)

  1. Been there surprisingly. Their level of dim sum is somewhere the standard of Red Star in Singapore. A tad “chor” and pretty average in terms of flavours. I must say the dim sum at Sunshine Plaza Singapore is still better. A long wait, quite expensive, but standard is good.
    Cheong Fun with Fried youtiao always comes out crisp in the middle still.

    1. Hi Max! I have not been to both Red Star and was it Victor’s at Sunshine? My favourite thus far has been Royal China, but I’ll definitely try the dim sum at Sunshine Plaza soon!

  2. Glenn, if you have the time, check out Northbridge Chinese Restaurant.We prefer to go there instead of Dragon Palace.

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