Cocotte. Why would anyone name their restaurant a prostitute? But herein lies two reasons why it is aptly so named.

  1. Cocotte is located within the premises of the new-ish Waanderlust boutique hotel in Little India. Admittedly, the area that surrounds Wanderlust is a little shady considering the number of transit hotels sprouting up every so often and;
  2. Cocotte is what you call a serving dish that was traditionally used for individual diners, which is used quite frequently in French cooking.

I’ll have to be frank upfront and confess that Cocotte was not the first choice venue for dinner that evening – Black Sheep Cafe was. Unfortunately and fortunately for us, Cocotte was a mere minutes walk away from Black Sheep. Before my visit, I’ve heard of Cocotte from both traditional offline and social media platforms. Since most of the reviews somewhat illustrated a positive experience for reviewers and diners alike, I was looking forward to my meal here.

The concept of the restaurant is focussed on the idea of communal dining, so you do get the large round tables and menus that have different serving sizes that depend on the number of people on the table. The fairly well-appointed restaurant has tables that weren’t placed closed to one another – so you won’t have to hear how the couple at the next table spent their day.

Warm, crusty bread was served almost immediately once the orders were taken.

I used to think that bread was just bread and its main purpose was to fill that tummy and quench that pre-dinner hunger, until my recent trip to the States. There, I came across the many varieties of bread and after hearing what goes into making bread, I’ve taken a slightly different opinion to bread and learnt to respect bread, for what it is. Having said that, I’m not going to stuff myself silly with bread.

On a side note, I miss the sour dough based breads that most of the restaurants in the States serve.

Navarin D’Agneau Print Anier (S$37++)
Stewed grass Fed lamb shoulder with a mix of Fresh baby carrots, new potatoes, Fava beans, pearl onions & peas

To get dinner going, we had the lamb shoulder. I’ll have to say at S$37++, it would not be one of the cheapest lamb dishes around, but this is one cash where the age old adage of getting what you pay for is true.

The lamb shoulder was fork tender and devoid of that “lamb-taste” that many shun away from, likely the result of being marinated for a long time before it was actually prepared.

The reduced wine based sauce, almost a glaze really, really paired the lamb flawlessly.

Roast Pork Collar (S$34++)
Cooked in a creamy Dijon mustard sauce. Served with brussel sprouts amadine & sauteed Forest mushrooms.

The other dish that we tried was the Roast Pork Collar.

Have I ever mentioned that I’ve come to like Brussel Sprouts? That unique bitter-and-sweet combination appeals to my taste buds. I digress.

The pork neck was absolutely tender and the slightly tangy dijon mustard sauce accompanied it really well. The pairing of a Dijon mustard based sauce with meat dishes is not new, but it not only works, it works well. I say, why change something that’s not spoilt!

Apple Tarte Tartin (S$21++)
Caramelised apple tart served with Creme Fraiche. Serves 2.

To end off the meal, we ordered an apple tart to share. Served alongside the apple tart is a bowl of creme fraiche, essentially fresh cream.

I love the apples! The caramelization and the slight hint of spice (I could be wrong here) all made the apples one to savour.

BUT, I disliked and I say this in all honesty, the pastry tart base. It was hard and really, almost a chore to eat. I’m not sure if this was how the pastry chef imagined the dessert to be but I would have preferred one that was softer in texture.


Generally, I have no complaints about the the dishes that I’ve tried that evening and am definitely keen to return to try the other dishes on offer. However, the prices tend to be somewhat on a high side, considering mains range from s$30 onwards.

Restaurant Cocotte
No. 2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494

Tel: +65 6298 1188

Opening Hours
Lunch: 1200hrs – 1430hrs
Mondays to Thursdays 1830hrs – 2230hrs
Fridays to Saturdays 1830hrs – 2300hrs
Restaurant closed on Sundays



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