Trattoria L’Ancora (CLOSED)

Trattoria L’Ancora (CLOSED)

It’s hard not to like L’Ancora – yes, it’s not a fine dining establishment, there’s no wood-fire pizza oven or even an Italian chef to boot, but L’Ancora is definitely one for keeps!

Granted you won’t find out-of-this-world meal choices here, but what you get is Italian cuisine that feels makes one feel a little like home. Although, I have found the food a lot better whenever the Head Chef Shaminda is in the kitchens. So ask when you make the reservations!

Lunch started off on the slow side – it took a while before the freshly toasted focaccia bread and plain pizza slices arrived.

This must be my nth time ordering a starter of Mozzarella cheese and tomatoes and I am not going to stop doing so! The combination of cold cheese and sweet tomatoes just feels so right. A light drizzle of olive oil completes this match made in heaven.

The other starter that the 3 of us shared was an order of Calamari. While some places tend to over batter their squids or in some cases, over-fry them, L’Ancora does them immaculately – in a light batter and crispy when served.

Among the three of us, we shared two orders of pastas. One of which was a pasta with scallops and clams in a light tomato sauce.

A pity that the scallops were sliced into half, which kind of made it less satisfying in a way. I guess, nothing really beats Pete’s Place’s Cioppino, when it comes to large portions of seafood alongside pastas.

Served in a light tomato sauce, the pasta was served al-dente – no surprise there!

Honestly, an average plate of pasta, at best.

The other pasta that we ordered was miles ahead of the previous dish.

Served in a slightly spicy, but nonetheless amazing tomato sauce, this was a delight to savour! This was the special pasta of the day (found on the chalk boards), but Roy, the owner did mention that he was planning to include it on his menu.

If it is, and standards remain the same, I’ll gladly order this plate of pasta again!

I have a love-hate relationship with all, panna cottas (fusion or traditional; case in point Pamplemousse’s Red Bean Jelly and Lotus Cream panna cotta), they are really good on the taste buds, but so bad on the waist line!

I mean, cream, milk and sugar, see where I’m going? L’Ancora’s rendition of the Panna Cotta didn’t fare too badly in my opinion.

Now, for yet another instalment of the ubiquitous Italian sweet – the Tiramisu.

Very ordinary, I’d have to admit. But as usual, it proved to be an excellent way to the end meal!

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Trattoria L’Ancora

789 Bukit Timah Road

Tel: +65 6467 3778

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