Perth: Epic Espresso, West Perth (Perth)

Perth: Epic Espresso, West Perth (Perth)

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Have you ever been to a place and you start falling in love with it the very moment you lay eyes on it? In our (my friends and I) opinion, we have;

And that place is Epic Espresso. Located along Hay Street, near the junction of Ord St. and Outram St., this quaint cafe serves up some of the purportedly best coffee in Perth. Had it not been for the reviews found online and in the lifestyle magazines, one could easily miss this place. Although, it’s still in the Perth CBD and while it’s within walking distance from the Murray/Hay St Malls, there’s a reason why the free Red CAT bus exists!

Walk into the cafe and you literally feel invigorated from the (can-i-say-soothing) aroma of roasted coffee that permeates through the air. I kid you not, we’ve been back here quite a number of times and Epic has never disappointed anyone of us yet. 

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Cafe Latte

The barristas (they call themselves coffee purists) at Epic Espresso take pride in their job. (I’m contrasting this to some of my less-than-impressive experiences in Singapore) They not only serve with a smile, you can tell from the conversations that you have with them that they wholeheartedly love the art of brewing an excellent cuppa.

That’s not to say, that I’ve not found excellent coffee back in Singapore – immediately, both Forty Hands and Oriole Cafe & Bar come to mind.

Perth - Epic Espresso - Best Espresso in Perth - HungryEpicurean (3)

Affogato (with Locally Made Chocolate Ice-Cream)

FYI, with their affogatos, you get a choice out of 4 flavours –  (Vanilla, Chocolate and 2 others)


I wonder how long will my love affair with Epic Espresso last. Right now, I’m thinking, forever.

Epic Espresso
Address: 5/1297 Hay Street (Entrance on Outram Street)
West Perth

Telephone: 9485 1818


Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 6.30am – 3.30pm. Barista School held on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.




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