Eat Drink Perth 2011

Eat Drink Perth 2011

Eat Drink Perth is a festival run by the City of Perth (meaning East Perth, West Perth, the CBD, and lower Northbridge) and will run through all of March, and will involve lots of food events, dinners, talks, and tastings. The main aim is to promote the City of Perth as a great place to eat, drink, and generally be merry.

For more information on the event, a program brochure (PDF 7MB) can be downloaded, print out a calendar of events (PDF 168KB) or simply head on to the Eat Drink Perth website.

Not wanting to lose out on the Social Media aspect of things, the Eat Drink Perth festival is jumping on the bandwagon.

Twitter: Follow @eatdrinkperth (hashtag #eatdrinkperth)

Facebook: Eat Drink Perth

One of the events that my friends and I are quite keen on is the Hawker Food Market in the heart of the city every Friday in March – 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th – inclusive of Indonesian satay, Cambodian Larb Salad, Spanish Pinxtos, Turkish gozlemes, Moroccan tapas, Columbian empanadas, Mexican tacos and Singaporean noodle dishes. Sounds like something you’d find on the street corners of KL or Singapore.

So, the most important question is – Who’s going?

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