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  1. M & D Adams, August 10, 2012 at 4:51 pm We stayed at the Lemon Tree for three nigths in June. Great fun in a traditional room but the visit was made memorable by the food. Mark can invent a new dish for you on the spot. If anyone is going near Handras suggest you hurry as it’s the last chance for this food. Mark and Anita are returning to the UK at the end of this season as the children are now school age. We predict that in future his cooking will be a lot more exclusive and expensive!M & D Adams. Stamford UK

    1. Margie, thanks. It is pain and fun at the same time. Kind of like giving birth in some small way, I guess. Hope you can patpicirate in NANOWRIMO, too. Just gotta keep on working on our goals.

    2. I love reading these articles because they’re short but informative.

    3. This camera is peecrft for beginner SLR users. trust me guys: There is no better option for the money! I’ve done my research. This thing has 15 megapixels, is compatible with awesome Canon lenses and can do HD Movie! What more can you ask for $599.99? Remember its not a 5D Mark II that’s way above this.

    4. Toni I agree. The fundamental issue for me is though that both management consultants and PR people are obsessed with doing, whereas people are also involved in being. Sorting out organisational purpose and linking that to values which could be described as purpose in action might be a way for us to go.

    5. admin07/04/2010io considero la furbizia una caratteristica negativa, gli scemi devono essere furbi, le persone intelligenti non ne hanno bisogno. figuriamoci se ambisco ad essere furbo 😉

    6. It's entirely plausible that infectious diseases, especially in utero or infancy, might reduce IQ, but the label "infectious disease" is much too broad for that.Infectious disease is likely to be more widespread where there is national poverty, which in turn correlates with low IQ (causal arrow in both directions, methinks). If the hidden agenda is to discount genetic factors, we must say, "Not proven."

    7. Thank you for leaving the video – I love to try out workouts I find online, but sometimes when they are just written down I don’t know if I’m doing them right! I will definitely be trying this in the next couple days My food splurges are deli sandwiches. I can make a sandwich any day at home for super cheap, but I have a couple favorite delis that are ridiculously expensive but way too good to give up going to once in a while. Something about having someone else make your sandwich for you…

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