Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

All of us have favourites, period. My favourite venue for a French lunch or just lunch in general is Saint Pierre.I’ve blogged about their set lunches previously here, here and here. This visit marks my fourth lunch visit Saint Pierre in a year and deservably so. I have never once been disappointed here.

Aside for their standard set lunches, Saint Pierre is offering a special Festive Set Lunch at S$88++ per person, available from 1st to 24th December 2010.

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

The bread.

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

The nibbles.

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

To start of the lunch, we had the Scallop carpaccio with pickled black radish, roasted cauliflower couscous and chive vinaigrette. I love my raw food, evident in my love for sushi and sashimi, but the friend takes to them with a certain disdian; So, it was a surprise when she commented that she liked them!

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

Second course of lunch was Black truffle risotto with parmesan cheese and barollo reduction. Perfectly cooked, the risotto reached the most optimal consistency – slightly firm to the bite on the middle and soft in the outside. (Thanks alkanphel for spotting the mistake.) The barollo reduction lent a sweet note to the dish and just the right amount of parmesan cheese was added to the risotto ensuring that it does not overpower it.

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

(Not part of the Festive Set Lunch)

Chef Paul came around to our table and mentioned that he had a special dish for the day, a Lobster Ravioli, and urged us to try it. Try it, we did.

The ravioli was packed full of juicy lobster meat and the foam/broth tasted somewhat similar to a lobster bisque.

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

I chose the Roasted john dory with buttered winter leeks, ratte potato cream and lemon scented turkey jus as my main course.

The flavours of the dish tasted really great together. The let-down being the fish itself; The John Dory was somewhat dry, perhaps being slightly over-cooked. Unfortunate.

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

With the benefit of hindsight, the friend’s choice for her main was a much wiser choice. The Poached & roasted french capon with vanilla parsnip puree, veal jus glazed shallots, caper powder and mousseron sauce was juicy, tender and well, tasted nothing short of awesome!

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

As part of the original festive lunch set, french farmed cheese with green leaves, dried fruits and organic crackers was to be served. But, since both of us are no cheese afficiandos, the manager allowed us to change to a Pre Dessert consisting of Yam ice cream and yoghurt with citrus jelly.

The pre-dessert served not just as a palate cleanser, it was a play of textures and flavours. The sweetness of the ice cream combined with the sourness of the yoghurt with the added crunch of the citrus jelly.

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

For dessert, we had the Christmas pudding scented with moroccan dates, genepy flavoured ice-cream and cognac-caramel dressing.

This was a tad sweet for me, but it was Christmas and Christmas puddings are usually sweeter, no? I’ll just have you know, I finished my dessert!

Saint Pierre Best French Lunch in Singapore

Petit fours

Saint Pierre by Emmanuel Stroobant

3 Magazine Road
#01-01 Central Mall

Tel: +65 6438 0887



  1. I love Saint Pierre… but i stopped going…. i forgotten why,…

  2. Looks like a delicious meal! But for the risotto, don’t you mean the center of the rice has the bite to it?

    • @alkanphel: Thanks a lot for spotting the mistake – I was rushing out the posts before I left for my holidays =( No excuse though, I know.

      • Elissa

        Hi Patricia,You can’t believe how much I envy you being able to speak Irish! Thank you for your lovley comments. When I came back to Dublin I was full of stories about the people I had met. My husband is in Dingle more than me and knows your restaurant well! Best of luck with the work and let me know if you need anything.Cariona

  3. your title… are you kidding me?

  4. Glenn

    It’s on purpose boo!

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