Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

I first heard of Pamplemousse when it was featured on the newspapers and have always wanted to visit it since. Pamplemousse is a cosy little restaurant in Dempsey that offers French food at affordable prices. I like its concept of offering only set menus instead of an ala-carte menu.

Lunch is a 3 course affair at $32++ while Dinner is a bit more elaborate – either a 6 course Chef’s menu at $98++., or a Prix Fixe menu (2 courses at $48++ and 3 courses at $58++)

I seldom touch on the decor of the restaurants that I visit, but on this occasion, I thought why not! I like the decor of the restaurant – it isn’t anywhere opulent or grandiose, but it has this certain charm to the place that makes this place a welcome change from the run-of-the-mill fine dining restaurant. Perhaps it’s the “high-ish” ceiling, perhaps it’s the display tables with ornaments.

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Citrus marinated salmon | Pamplemousse confit | Saikyo miso aioli | Croutons

Prior to my visit to Pamplemousse, I spied the appearance of the Salmon on a few blogs and I knew that I had to give it a try. Admittedly it was a toss between ordering the Caprese salad (Momotaro tomatoes and Mozzarella are personal favourites, you see) and this.

Was the decision a right one? Let’s just say it wasn’t a bad decision.

The salmon reminded me of a smoked salmon – minus the salt. The texture was firm and was pink throughout. I liked the subtle citrusy flavour that was infused into the salmon. But other than that, I just did not feel that it excited the palate.

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Onion Soup “Breakfast”
French onion soup | Caramelized onion pain perdu | Truffled nori butter

Unfortunately, the friend found the onion soup to be rather ordinary.

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Special of the Day: French style Duck Breast

I was bent on ordering the Duck Confit for my main course until the waitress said that there was a special main course for the day. My eyes glowed in delight when I heard that there was duck breast! (Alright, I am exaggerating – but it did pique my curiosity!)

So, good bye Duck Confit; Hello Duck Breast.

The chef was seeking comments for the duck breast as he was planning to include in the Christmas menu. I was pleased with the outcome – the meat was tender and flavourful. The mashed potatoes that accompanied it was smooth and creamy! Also, it brought back memories of the meal that I had in Hong Kong at Liberty Private Works and of Hong Kong as a whole.

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

36 Hour Braised Lamb Shank (+$5 supplement)
Brandade potatoes | Zucchini | Roasted red capsicum

Like me, the friend looked up the menu online and was determined to have her braised lamb shank for her main.

A wise choice, I must say. The lamb was fork tender and was delicious in every aspect.

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Panna Cotta
Red bean jelly | Lotus cream | “Mooncake” crumble | Pandan frozen yoghurt

Panna Cottas are one of my favourite desserts and I’m glad to see it on the menu on Pamplemousse.

Regretfully the panna cotta was a bit too firm for my liking. Correct me if I am wrong, but my definition of a good panna cotta is one that is wobbly – think Ristorante da Valentino’s. I am certain that there are many schools of thought here, but to each his own, no?

Pamplemousse Bar and Bistro - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Crème Brulee
Osmanthus crème brulee | Lychee sorbet

Frankly, I thought that the creme brulee was average.

Pamplemousse Bistro + Bar
Block 7, Dempsey Road
Singapore 249671
Tel: (65) 6475-0080

Tue–Fri: 12pm–2.30pm, 6.30pm–10.30pm
Sat–Sun: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6.30pm–10.30pm
(Closed on Mon)

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  1. U went to Pamplemousse! I told zhihao that this is one of the places that u recommended and he was very tickled by the name. Think it reminded him of pampers. -.- LOL. The braised lamb shank looks enormous O_o

    1. I did, I did! Haha pampers -_

      Anyway, I hear that the dinner menu, unlike other restaurants are of full sized portions too! And since Dempsey is both near work and home, I should be coming back here, real soon! They change their menu 2-3 months!

  2. Ha ha I am currently in this Pamplemousse crazy mode and your photos aren’t doing me any good! Glad that you enjoyed some of their stuff. This is totally random but I am always the one who order the duck and seafood while my guy friends will order lamb. Your case is just the opposite ha ha. I like their uni tag and carbonara too, try them and let me know what you think.

    1. Haha! Pamplemousse is indeed good! I wasn’t quite in the mood for lamb – I was very much tempted to order the duck confit! I saw a table of 3 on my right ordering duck confit for all. I saw pictures of the uni pasta!

      -tempted to return-

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