Miso Marinated Cod

Miso Marinated Cod

My sister returned to Singapore for a 2 week holiday with her hubby and son (a.k.a my nephew) in tow. Anyway to cut the long story short, I cooked a simple dish on her last night in Singapore. It was not that easy preparing, cooking and plating all 12 plates in the small kitchen that I have!

Grilled Miso Marinated Cod Fish, with Baba ghanoush and Garden Pea Puree, Sauteed Red and Yellow Peppers and Mixed Salad on a bed of Grilled Potatoes (for carbs). If you were wondering, the four dots were a reduction of the miso marinate.

Simple, but satisfying.

P.s. I took this photograph with my new toy – the iPhone 4 and am definitely surprised at the quality of the photograph.

3 thoughts on “Miso Marinated Cod

  1. yep many handphone cameras are definitely decent. i’m okay with the quality of the pics my SE W995 churns out and have only started using a digital camera to photograph food recently.

    no pics of the other dishes? haha (:

  2. @stargirl: No 🙁 I tend to take photographs of some of my home cooked dishes and upload them onto my Facebook account – what I post here, are those ‘selected’ ones:)

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