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At Gunther’s, I sinned; What sin did I commit, you may ask?

Read on the find out more!

P.S. I apologise for the quality (or rather, lack of) of the photos: Gunther’s was admittedly dim-lit and these photos were taken via my phone.

On my previous visit to Gunther’s, I tried their set lunch with a side ala-carte order of their infamous caviar pasta. Till today, I still hold true to my belief that their lunches at S$38++ are indeed value for money!

But that was lunch, so when the opportunity arose to have dinner at Gunther’s, immediately I said “Okay”.

A quick look at the set dinner menu offered little choices and thus, in the refuge of the ala carte menu we seeked.

Gunther's Revisited - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Amuse Bouche: Tempura Prawn

The amuse  bouche, more Japanese than French, was decent. I’ll be frank here and say that it did not whet my appetite; Although, it did help to curb some of those hunger pangs (Something that a good conversation or excellent bread would have sufficed as well).

Gunther's Revisited - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Bamboo Clams (S$18++ each)

A quick rundown of the specials by the wait staff offered 2 specials that piqued by interest that evening – the bamboo clams being one of them.

The first time that I came across Bamboo clams were at a Chinese seafood restaurant and trust me when I say that it was one of the nastiest things that I’ve had the pleasure (or displeasure) of having!

I thought the clams were slightly overdone, resulting in a somewhat tough, chewy texture. That said, this was my second attempt at bamboo clams, therefore I am not too sure if this is the natural characteristic of these clams or they were indeed served overdone.

Gunther's Revisited - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Cold angel hair pasta, Oscietra caviar (S$60++)

One cannot really fault one of Gunther’s specialities, now can you? Generous servings of oscietra caviar served atop cold angel hair pasta.

Who says finesse cannot be paired with simplicity?

Gunther's Revisited - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Gunther's Revisited - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Japanese Kuroge Beef (S$1xx++)

Now, for the sin that I’ve mentioned earlier.

Before the wait staff left us to decide on the menu, he uttered the adjectives, “tender, succulent, 200 grams, Japanese beef”. Before I could allow him to finish his description, I had my mind set out to order the Japanese beef.

Let me tell you, if you have not tried Wagyu beef before, it is one of the best types of beef in the world!

Bringing us back to Gunther’s, the beef was naturally excellent – as described. I could insert many other less-used adjectives to sound scholarly but really, simpler terms like “melts-in-your-mouth” and “yummy” are more than sufficient in this case! It is really that good!

But would I order this dish again, after knowing the cost of it? Probably not! But it would be a different story altogether if I was on a corporate expense budget. 🙂

Gunther's Revisited - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Rock Fish (S$75++)

A special of the day – The rock fish was apparently overdone too, with the fish being dry.

Gunther's Revisited - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Apple Tart (S$20++)     1/2 portion shown above

The wait staff recommended for us to share the dessert, as it comes in quite a sizable portion suitable for two.

A signature of the restaurant, the apple tart was crispy and thin with caramelized apples in between the layers. Unlike many other places, Gunther’s apple tart is not overwhelming sweet, which in my books scores points.

The combination of the hot pastry and cold ice cream complements each other perfectly. I know that I hardly say this, for desserts especially, I could have eaten

Gunther's Revisited - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Petit Fours

Canelle, Macaroon, Almond cookie, Valrhona Chocolate

Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine

36 Purvis Street

Tel: (65) 6338 8955

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  1. Seems like Gunther’s is offering more fusion dishes? Everything looks so good! Wish I could revisit Gunther’s again. My hubby always get lured into Garibaldi when deliberating btn the G&G dining options *LOL*

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