Mandarin Oriental In-Room Dining (Hong Kong)

Mandarin Oriental In-Room Dining (Hong Kong)

In Room Dining at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

My Cathay Pacific flight (P.S. they served one of the worst omelettes unfortunately) touched down at the Hong Kong International Airport at 12pm exactly; I was starving by the time that I reached the hotel and completed all the necessary check-in procedures.

Really, that meant only one thing – it was lunch time. I needed to unpack and reply a few important emails; so I did the unthinkable: Order In-Room Dining.

On hindsight, what was I thinking – Ordering in-room dining service on an overseas trip, in Hong Kong no less. By the way, it is times like these when those daily hotel credits come into play!

Thankfully, what I had ordered did not disappoint!

Read on to see the two dishes that I ordered from the menu!

In Room Dining at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

I went for something safe and ordered the Miso Cod (HKD 198), which consisted of Miso Marinated Cod Fish Fillet atop Organic Black Bean Noodles, accompanied by Shiitake Mushrooms, Edamame, Teriyaki Sauce.

The cod fish was cooked perfectly – its flesh tender and moist. The fish tasted sweet from the natural sweetness of the fresh cod fillet and the brushing of the teriyaki sauce.

I found the noodles to be somewhat undercooked – if I were to describe it, it would be a notch down from al dente pasta. I’m not sure if the texture was meant to be or was it a lapse in standards.

The broth that accompanied the dish, however, was too salty for me. In retrospect, perhaps the whole idea of the sweet fish and salty broth, were meant to compliment one another.

Nonetheless, the fish on its own, was more than enough to win me over.

In Room Dining at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

The Har Gow or Shrimp dumpling was not on the in room dining menu, but true to Mandarin Oriental’s philosophy of never saying NO to a guest, they willingly obliged and by hook or by crook brought a platter of 3 dumplings alongside my Miso Cod.

Considering that a Cantonese restaurant, Man Wah, is located on the 25th floor of the restaurant, I was certain that this request was not that difficult to accede.

Har Gow is my favourite dim sum and never will I leave a restaurant without ordering a Har Gow. Just as how the standard of a business’ Beef Rendang is my gauge for Nasi Padang restaurants, Har Gow, plays the similar role when it comes to Chinese.

The skin of the dumpling was neither too thick nor too thin. and the prawns that filled the dumpling was really crunchy and fresh. In truth, it was neither outstanding nor was it bad in any aspect. But, I was glad that I had, somewhat if only marginally and temporarily, satisfied my har gow craving.

P.S. I ordered in-room dining service on another occasion – but this will be in another entry, another time.


This was not an invited review. HungryEpicurean paid for his meal at the restaurant reviewed here.

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

5 Connaught Road, Central,
Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2522 0111

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