eM by the River

eM by the River

*Note to Readers: This review is from my guest author, CY.

I had the privilege to be invited down to eM by the River to review on their drinks menu and some of their, as they would put it, Bar Grub.

eM by the River is located within Gallery Hotel, and as the name suggests, its right by the Singapore River. It’s a really nice place to have your after-work drink because of its ‘chillax‘ ambience and relaxing music, or you could grab your brunch over here becasuse they have a menu for food as well.

eM is mainly a bar so, the drinks they serve here can range from alchoholic to virgin.

The first cocktail served up was called Melody of Harvest ($16), which is one of their newer items on their drinks menu.  This drink was created in lieu with the release of Absolut Pear Vodka.

This is a sweet and fruity cocktail with pear as its base flavor.  There are slight notes of peach and a citrusy aftertaste.  This drink may not be your drink if you’re a guy, but I’m sure its a great hit with the ladies with its crisp fruity flavours.  This would be definitely the drink for someone who doesn’t like the stinging taste of alcohol.  I liked this drink and the name of the drink is as elegant as how the drink is presented.

The Meringue-tini ($16) is a drink created from the concept of the dessert Meringue.

Served with egg white foam floating on top of the drink and salt rimming the glass, this was a very interesting drink for me.  This drink reminded me very much of a Lemon Meringue Pie.  Sharp citrus followed by a slight taste of smooth vanilla are be the main flavours of the drink.

I thought that the drink was abit to sour for my liking; It could done with a few slight touches of sugar in it.  Nevertheless, this was a very interesting and adventurous drink.

eM’s Chocolate Martini ($14) was very different from all the other Chocolate Martinis I’ve had, mainly because this was clear instead of being the conventional opaque with a slightly thicker consistency.  No milk is involved in this cocktail, so this would be perfect for those who are lactose-intolerant.

Without using any actual chocolate, eM is still able to emulate the smooth flavors of a Chocolate Martini with the use of chocolate liquer and vanilla syrup.  But that doesn’t mean that this drink doesn’t come with a kick.  Smirnoff Black Vodka is the ingredient that gives this drink the kick while not compromising on the smoothness of the drink.

I prefer sweeter cocktails and this was a perfect hit for me.  I like how it still delivers that punch without being too overwhelming.  This will definitely be the drink I would order the next time I visit eM again.

If you are into traditional cocktails, then you might want to try their Mango Mojito ($15), which is a reinvention on the traditional Mojito.  A traditional Mojito is made with a base of Light Rum or White Rum, while eM concocts theirs from Absolut Mango Vodka.  However, they are still able to capture the basic elements of a Mojito with the usage of Mint Leaves and Brown Sugar.

This would also be a perfect afternoon drink. Coupled with a good read and relaxing music, I would be able to sip on this the whole afternoon.  The tropical taste of mango with that tart sharpness of vodka and bitterness of mint complimented each other really well.

Though this was a good cocktail, its still not one of those drink that I would order, but that is really just personal preference.  I had a rather bad experience with Absolut Mango Vodka, which involves me doing the classic “Merlion” after having one drink too much.

Did I mention that eM serves delicious bar grubs as well?  Technically eM is a bar but they have a menu for food too.

I was totally spoilt by this Home made Beef Burger and Fries ($22).  A whole 200gm of thick beef patty sandwiched between homemande burger bun and serve with crispy fries and a side of salad.  I like how the patty was seasoned, it was very different from the other beef patties I’ve tried before.  The patty was surprisingly succulent and juicy as well.  A special dip sauce is made to compliment the burger as well.  And to add to the sin, crispy bacon cushion the patty and a sunny side to top the patty.  The home made buns were incredibly soft as well.

I would recommend this for those searching for a good bite around the area for brunch and to complete this, a glass of Chocolate Martini would be perfect for any afternoon.  The Burger without all that sin (Cheese/Bacon/Sunny Side) would be $17, but with an addition of $5 (or $2 per addition), it could really make your day.  Of course, this is definitely not for the health freaks or the weak hearted (pun unintended).

And if are looking for something less filling to bite on and something that you can share with a couple of friends, eM does have lighter selections like Traditional Swiss Rösti ($12) and Meatballs in Swedish Sauce ($12).

The Rosti is crispy on the outside but remains moist on the inside.  To make it better, smear it with a dollop of sour cream, and a slice of that sunny side egg.  Not many things can be said about this, except that you could add a side of sinful bacon for addition of $2 or a Bratwurst for another $4.  This is one aspect what I love about the food menu served in eM, is that you can choose to add the items you want.

The Meatballs wasn’t too bad actually, but nothing much to shout about.  Perhaps because it was left on the table for quite sometime, it became a little bit cold.  The meatballs was a little dry, but I would give it the benefit of the doubt that it was left out for too long.  The meatballs were well seasoned and the Swedish Sauce complimented it well; albeit being a tad too salty.

The meatballs wouldn’t be a really practical choice if you are going to leave it on the table for quite sometime, because like most meat dishes, its best eaten piping hot.  It would be a better choice if its ordered as a side if you plan on having your meal at eM.

eM by the River is a nice place with relaxing ambience to chill out for afterwork drinks, and its usually packed from Wednesdays on.  While their food menu is not their forte, it definitely does deserve some attention.  The picturesque alfresco siting area over looking the Singapore River has an outdoor bar station as well.  eM is also tucked away in a corner of Robertson Quay, away from all that bustling crowd yet not difficult to locate.

Current Promotions

White Hour

Monday – Friday
5 – 9pm

White Martini @$9
Moet @$14! (per glass of course)
White Wine @9


This was an invited review.

1 Nanson Road #01-05
of Gallery Hotel
Singapore 238909
Tel       :6836 9691
Fax      :3125 7127

Website: http://www.em-n-em.com/

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