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Au Petit Salut

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

Readers of this blog would know that I am an ardent supporter of Au Petit Salut (APS) – Not only is it a short drive away from home, parking is in abundance and best of all, free. To top it off, service although patchy at peak hours, most definitely gets the thumbs up from me (Kudos especially goes out to Rabin.) Offering both al fresco and indoor seating, APS’s setting is best described less of a fine-dining restaurant) the likes of Saint Pierre or Au Jardin) rather one where it’s equally comfortable for couples and friends alike to meet up and gather. To clarify, I’m only describing the ambience of the restaurant and not the food and service for what you get on both accounts are nothing less than that expected from a fine dining institution.

P.s. the al fresco tends to be rather warm during lunch, but cooling and rather romantic, if I may, during dinner.

I have been to APS for lunch a numerous times and have blogged two of my visits here (See here and here). I have been here from time to time for dinner but never have I blogged about their dinner / ala-carte menu.

This visit, we ordered from their ala-carte menu. That said, APS offers a 4 course set dinner option for S$98++ per person that comes with 2 entrees, a choice of main and a dessert, which let me tell you, is definitely value-for-money. Portions here, even for the set dinner, are not what you were define as petite.

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

I know for a fact that the bread that APS serves during lunch is from Delifrance. However, I am not sure if this is true for dinner as well. Funny, but both of us  left the bread completely untouched.

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

Crabe et avocats, salade d’herbes
Crab and avocado, mixed herbs salad, salmon roe and balsamic (S$25++)

To start things off, I had a simple crab and avocado. I always say that there is elegance is simplicity and trust me, this was definitely it.

I like the combination of crabs and avocado – somewhow the combination just works.

On a sidenote, I like how the plating at APS has changed under the hands of new chef, Chef Alexandre Lozachmeur, formerly of Harbour Grill. The plating of the dishes under the direction of the previous chef, tended to be more rustic, more classique, unlike the “modernity” currently. The dining partner, agreed.

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

Médaillons de homard, arômes de Provence
Lobster médaillions, tomato, olives, tarragon and bisque vinaigrette

Lobsters, oh lobsters. Truthfully, I did not try the friend’s dish but it did seem like she was pleased with it.

The lobster medallion topped with caviar looked like the most tasty of them all!

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

Bisque de homard
Lobster bisque with tarragon and lobster ravioli (S$18++)

I love my lobster bisques; It’s a seemingly simple dish, yet hard to produce. Up till now, the best lobster bisque that I’ve had can be found at  The French Kitchen (I wonder if it’s still as good) but APS’s version is by far, a very close second.

Found within the soup are 2 small sized lobster raviolis which, unfortunately, needed a minute or two longer in the pot. But I was able to overlook this small imperfection, if you will, because the soup really was that good!

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

St -Jacques poêlées aux champignons, jus de volaille
Seared Japanese scallops, sautéed forest mushrooms and chicken jus (S$28++)

The partner ordered seared scallops for her 2nd entree. This picture does no justice to the scallops, but trust me when I say that they were huge!

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

Crispy French duck leg confit, sautéed potatoes, bacon, mixed green salad and walnut dressing

For a while, the duck leg confit seemed to be off the Au Petit Salut menu. Did you know that 2-3 years ago when I first visited APS, duck leg confit was part of their usual S$30++ set lunch menu? I can clearly remember the dish – it was served atop green lentils, and the combination was awesome! I guess rising food costs got the better of them there! Sorry, for a moment there, I veered off tangent.

Crispy skin coupled with moist and tender duck meat – what is there not to love? Have you tried some renditions of duck confit that seemed to over-dry their duck legs, and while you get a really crispy skin, the meat is far too dry?

Au Petit Salut got theirs just right!

The sides of potatoes and greens were really just accompaniments to this dish – the duck leg confit was clearly the star!

On a sidenote (again), I’ve heard a lot about Chef Rahta’s (of Black Sheep Cafe) doing a mean Duck Leg Confit from Xinli and Harris and I swear that I am going to give them a try.

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

Saint Pierre juste poché
Poached John Dory fillet, zucchini, tomato, olives, lemon and basil (S$40++)

The usual fish suspects were found on the menu at APS – namely Cod and Seabass, but the partner decided to order something different; The John Dory.

Sadly, according to her, the fish was dry and slightly over-cooked. What a pity, I thought. This dish had all the components of a great dish.

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

Fondant chaud au chocolat
70% Warm melted 70% chocolate cake served with 64% dark chocolate sorbet and red currant jam and pistachio nuts (S$15++)

This dessert was definitely up my alley. It was not cloyingly sweet because of pure richness of the 70% dark chocolate.

The disappointment was that the cake did not have a centre molten enough for my liking. It was rather dry, I’ll have to say.

And who says that warm chocolate fondants have to paired with vanilla bean ice creams, as is the case in many restaurants; Not only was pairing of the dark chocolate sorbet with the chocolate cake excellent, it added some ‘wet-ness’ to the dry cake.!

Au Petit Salut - HungryEpicurean

Soufflé au Grand Marnier
Orange and Grand Marnier soufflé with chocolate truffle (S$15++)

Souffles are so simple to make yet so difficult to perfect at the same time.In reality, it is really just eggs, sugar and flour.

Just as Northrop Frye once said, “The simplest questions are the hardest to answer.”, the seemingly easiest dessert of all, is in reality the hardest to make.

A simple smile, said it all.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Au Petit Salut had some misses among the many hits; Food and service was satisfying and I will definitely return.

Of course, dinner was only made better with great company, thank you.

Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road
Singapore 249548

Telephone: (65) 6475 1976


Operation hours:
Lunch Monday – Saturday
1130hrs – 1430hrs (Last order)
Dinner Monday – Saturday
1830hrs – 2230hrs (Last order)
Closed on Sundays

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    1. get a hotel…Hi there! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the good info you could have right here on this post. I will lileky be coming again to your blog for more soon….

  1. A lookback at your previous post on Otto. You mentioned that crab & avocado combi don’t work for you yet you still ordered the same combi here?

  2. my first meal in a french restaurant was au petit salut and incidentally, my dessert was the molten valrhona chocolate cake.

    I love the pairing with the chocolate sorbet but that time when I got it I had a perfect molten centre!

    1. @oysterdiaries: Ah. this time, it was unfortunately over cooked. Sigh, it looked good.

      @harris: yeah, definitely beats the one from wild rocket though!

      @tootall: Nice! Do go and give it a try! Say hi to Rabin!

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  4. Absolutely disappointing meal ! Wanted to go to this restaurant for a long time and finally get a chance to be there for an anniversary dinner tonight. Service staff lacks training and felt like being served by trainees. Food was not much better and second rated all round and can’t wait for the last course to arrive. Big thumbs down !!!

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