Trattoria Milano

Trattoria Milano

Trattoria Milano is a new entrant to the Italian dining scene but I’m very glad that they have opened up! The Singaporean Italian restaurant scene definitely is in need of more casual Italian trattorias. Tucked away in a quaint neighbourhood off Chu Lin Road (along Hillview Avenue), the 40-seater (30 indoors and 10 outside) trattoria offers an the perfect ambience for a romantic dinner.

The 10 al fresco seats are situated right in the backyard of his restaurant amongst pots of fresh herbs and flowers, only adding to his promise to use only the freshest ingredients in his food.

Headed by 56 year old Chef Domenico who has had 30 years of culinary experience, the whole experience of Trattoria Milano is akin to that of dining in the home of an Italian family. And really, there’s really nothing like going to a restaurant where soothing Italian music (more on that in a short while) is piped in, where the wife of the host is in charge of front of house and homely Italian favourites are served. As a matter of fact, the phrase “a home away from home” perfectly describes the experience here.

Chef Domenico’s signature dish is none other his Squid Ink Ravioli in Capsicum Sauce (S$28.00) and rightly so! Testament to his belief in using only the freshest ingredients, the squid ink ravioli is handmade by Chef himself. Within each of these black “Italian wantons”, contains a mixture of fresh crayfish, prawns, chopped onions and celery.

 Squid Ink Ravioli in Capsicum Sauce

The al-dente raviolis tasted heavenly with the unique roasted capsicums sauce that accompanies them. Not only does the sauce impart the natural subtle sweetness of capsicums to the dish, the striking colour of it improves the overall aesthetic presentation that only entices you to gobble them up immediately. I kid you not, but the sauce is oh-so-good that you most probably would want to request for more of Chef’s homemade bread, to lap out any sauce that remains in your plate.

The other dish in Chef Domenico’s kitchen that is worthy of mention is the Fettuccine alla Piedmontese (S$28.00) which is a serving of al dente fettuccine pasta, strips of beef tenderloin, mushrooms, and a generous drizzle of truffle oil in a smooth cream sauce.

By the way, do save space for dessert, as Chef’s homemade Panna cotta is an excellent way to conclude the meal. Lightly flavoured with lemon and strawberry, they add a tinge of tanginess to the custard that complements the sweet dessert perfectly.

Recall the soothing Italian music that I mentioned earlier? Here’s a small heads up, Unknown to many, the music played in the background is that of non-other than Chef Domenico’s own. Chef Domenico has cut three albums and three singles in Italy. Now, do you see why dining here is akin to that in an Italian home?

Trattoria Milano Pte Ltd

No. 3 Chu Lin Road, Singapore 669890

Telephone: +65 6760 3534

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