La Strada

La Strada

La Strada - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

It was not too long ago that I reviewed Casa Verde, so I thought it was fitting only to post my thoughts of another one of their restaurants in the same group.

La Strada is their casual Italian outpost located right next to their French bistro-styled Bisto du Vin. Food aside, I quite like the decor of the restaurant – from the wooden flooring to the relatively large dining tables. I could be wrong here, but the decor presented itself in a rather semi-formal setting. But I always say, while the ambience is important, the company and the food plays a much larger role when dining out.

La Strada - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Calamari Fritti (S$16++) Fried Squid with arrabbiata sauce

We were starving; full stop. We had waited for about 20 minutes just to enter the Shaw Centre car park. On hindsight, we should really have found an alternative venue to park the car.

The first thing that came into mind was to order something that could be served quickly. Next to salads, which I’ll have to say, are somewhat boring in my book, was the fried squid or calamari friti.

I took a bite of the calamari, the batter had turned somewhat cold and felt a little soggy. And before you start pointing fingers, suggesting that it must have been the time I took to photograph this dish – I had a bite, before taking the photographs.

Nonetheless, I liked the lightness of the batter and and special mention goes to the arrabbiata sauce. The sauce was just the right mix of sweetness from the tomatoes and spiciness from the chilis. The sauce plate, eventually returned to the kitchen, empty.

La Strada - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Chittara alla Carbonara (S$30++)
Hand cut chittara pasta, crispy parma ham, parmigiano, truffle butter and pancetta sauce, confit of egg

Before my visit to La Strada, I remembered reading about the Carbonara from some other food blogs. Which ones – truthfully, I cannot remember. One thing’s for sure, I knew that I had to try this because of the what-I-remember-to-be positive reviews.

Praise has to be given when due and definitely am giving this dish, mine.

Crack open the poached egg and mix all the different flavours together and what you get, really is a melodious harmony of flavours. Oh and the distinct aroma of truffles hits you the moment the plate is presented to you.

Simple, yet elegant.

La Strada - HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Blog

Linguine alle Vongole (S$29++)
Live seasonal clams, tossed with linguine pasta, in white wine, chilli, garlic

While the Vongole at Casa Verde was surprisingly good, the rendition here, was rather average.

The pasta was over-cooked and the clams had bits of sand in them.

P.S. But in truth, I was relatively disappointed with this rendition of the Vongole.

In all honesty, I would return, if only just for the Carbonara.

La Strada
|1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #02-10,
Singapore 228208


Telephone: (65) 6737 2622

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  1. lovely writing. and it’s great to see more and more people genuinely interested in food.

    i haven’t been to la strada for more than 2 years, might be time to make another visit soon!

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