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Casa Verde

Casa Verde - HungryEpicurean

Casa Verde, essentially means, “green house” in Italian and what an apt choice for a name! Casa Verde is nestled within the Singapore Botanic Gardens close to the Visitors’ Centre,  away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road, yet with the added convenience of being just 5 minutes drive away. Sitting 110 diners, 80 of which are situated within the al fresco area, Casa Verde is a collaborative effort between the venerable Les Amis Group and Buko Nero restaurant.

Lunch is a semi-self service affair, where you go over to the counter to place your order. Dinner, on the other hand, is slightly more service-oriented where the order counter is shut and you have wait staff coming by to take your order. I am pretty sure many will shun going there for lunch but really? I really much preferred it to remain this way – the whole idea of queuing up and placing an order at the counter just seems to fitting for the environment. Casual, relaxed and where company takes precedence. P.S. Pets are allowed in the al fresco area!

I’ve been here for both lunch and dinner due to its close proximity to home but make no mistake,on each and every occasion, both the service and food seemed rather good, self-service or not. They topped up the glasses without being asked and always seemed to be around yet being non intrusive.

Casa Verde - HungryEpicurean

Fried Chicken Wings – 6 pieces served with salad (S$8++)

Yes, I ordered fried chicken wings. I had a sudden craving for some comfort food that day and just had to order something to whet the appetite.

They were crispy and you get none of that lingering old and recycled oil taste when you pop one into your mouth. Oh, they are pretty fiery too! The one and only set back would have to be that the batter was overdosed with too much salt.

Casa Verde - HungryEpicurean

Fish ‘n’ Chips – Deep fried fish fillet in egg batter served with fries and salad (S$14++)

Comfort food at its best. Although the batter was a bit thick for my liking, it was crispy and let’s admit it, there’s really nothing like a hot, deep fried dish.

Casa Verde - HungryEpicurean

Vongole – Linguine with fresh venus clams, tossed in a white wine, chilli and garlic sauce (S$24++)

The vongole was surprisingly good – very surprisingly indeed. Casa Verde did not serve any clams that were closed. (Sidenote: I’m still puzzled why do restaurants serve closed clams?) The pasta too was al dente, at least in my opinion, it was. If I were to pinpoint a minor disappointment, the white white sauce came across as a little under-seasoned. Again, this is just my opinion.


1 Cluny Road (Visitor Centre)
Singapore Botanical Gardens

Tel: +65 6467 7326

4 thoughts on “Casa Verde

  1. Nice! I think this is the place as well that has 1-for-1 for their pizza take away on weekdays i think? Those chicken wings look enticing and if they serve good Vongole, then I’m gonna love this place too!

    1. Dear Hungrytrotters,

      You are right! Casa Verde serves 1-for-1 takeaway pizza from Mondays to Thursdays, except for eves of and public holidays.

      We’d love to have you come by soon to try the Vongole!

      for the Les Amis Group

  2. Dear Glenn,

    Thank you for your kind review of Casa Verde! We are pleased to know that you had a pleasant time with us, and that you’ve had a chance to try both our lunch and dinner menus and ambiences.

    Also, thank you for the feedback about the dishes. We will tweak the preparation methods so that it will leave a greater impression on you the next time you come by!

    Have a pleasant week!

    on behalf of the Les Amis Group

  3. There was absolutely no need for you to apologise to Brad Lau.

    Notwithstanding his purported explanation, his definition/understanding of the word “invitation” was flawed.

    If one was invited to a friend’s home, one of course may assume that one does not need to pay. But if one was invited to dine in a restaurant – i.e. a commercial establishment that carries on the business of providing food and dining services for a price, one is obliged to nevertheless expressly enquire if the -invitation- entailed a complete waiver of the bill, OR, offer to make payment after the meal (and if the restaurant did mean the meal to be on the house, it of course would decline one’s offer to pay).

    Brad Lau did neither. He was deliberately, and wilfully, blind to notions of social etiquette and courtesy. He totally lacked class.

    It is disappointing that you have chosen to buckle and shift. If the restaurant in question were to publicise evidence that rebuts all of Brad Lau’s alleged explanation, would you then change your stance again?

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