(This was sent via email to Brad)

Hi Brad,

On Sunday night, I wrote a piece on my blog, with regards to a food blogger requesting for a free meal and voiced out my personal opinions against the actions that allegedly took place. For the record, at no point of my blog post did I make any reference to both the blogger and/or the restaurant.

On hindsight, it was my mistake to only hear one side of the story and not to approach you to get the full picture.

As of Monday, 23rd August at 1800hrs, I had closed the comments to my blog post and at 2100hrs on the same day, I had removed the post.

The media, including the article on a prominent search engine, has sensationalized what was a simple mis-communication between the restaurant and yourself. To that end, some quarters of both online real money seven heaven and offline media has intruded into your personal space, for which I am deeply apologetic.

For all the inconvenience to you that I may have caused, I sincerely apologize.

Humbly yours,

Moving forward, I feel that this is a case best left closed. Let’s all move on from here. I will not be answering any more questions comments on Twitter, Facebook, Email or on this blog.

22 thoughts on “Apology

  1. Apologize for what? It’s true that he’s asking for free meals. He wrote on his blog that he paid for his other two companions. “The bill for 2, inclusive of sparkling wine, came to $260. Out of goodwill, they did decide to waive the wine and I eventually paid $160 for 2.” Then he admitted that throwing the card was uncalled for.
    If he wasn’t expecting a waiver for all 4 of them, then why did he threw the credit card across the table? Still dare to say he didn’t want free meal for 4?

    1. Agreed. Although both sides have come up with the story, I still believe we won’t really know all there is to know. But one thing is for sure, LIC’s so called explaination is dodgy at best.

      He’s better off apologizing for everything rather than chalking it all up as miscommunication.

      Even if both parties are at fault, this whole incident showed me LIC’s cocky behaviour which is not attractive in a person.

      Never, EVER expect free lunches, dinners,brunches or whatever meals you can think of. Always be prepared to pay and for goodness sake, leave your entourage at home.

  2. You fired the first shot, and just because the situation has turned, you conveniently say “move on” to escape the issue. Wimp.

  3. Glenn, ur a nice guy. It’s sad, hopefully this serves as a reminder that with FAME, comes great responsibility. This went viral because both parties were renowned; A private affair now made public.

    U keep up the good work yo 😀

  4. if you give me and my three friends free meals i will write your restaurant is the best!!! but if I need to pay for my and my friends meals.. you restaurant is the wost res in town. this is what food blog about!

  5. If u can’t stand by your own opinions and changes your mind becoz of certain external factors, how can we trust ur reviews… If u think Brad should not be bomb by all these, STAND UP FOR HIM, if not MAKE UR STAND CLEAR, MAKE UR POINT CLEAR… I just can’t stand ppl apologising to him at this point of stage… AT LEAST I MADE MY POINT CLEAR….

  6. To be honest, i never hear of your blog before until this incident. Damage has been done to others but glad that at least u apologised. Next time please analyse the whole situation before you shoot bcos all these are so uncalled for

  7. glennnnn I just went away for a few days and I get online and realise the whole community has blown up! whoa. I’m not sure what happened yet, will find out, but keep eatinggg!

  8. One thing we can learn about this incident, if should such thing happen again, always bear in our mind: is it true? is it kind? is it necessary? Three simple questions that we have to pass all before we start writing our blog.

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