Shui Liu Shan Desserts (Hong Kong)

This is a way overdue blog post and it because of technical errors and other commitments but I digress.

Hong Kong is place well known for their desserts as well.  Having said that, I’m going to introduce to a dessert chain that uses mango as their main ingredient.  Hui Liu Shan Desserts is a chain with stores located all over Hong Kong, well known for serving their desserts made mainly from Mango.  Mango puree, mango slices, mango dices, mango ice cream – every single possible way of eating mango in a nice and chilled manner, they have it covered.

Glenn and I, sat down at a busy store just opposite Time Square and had 2 desserts.  Mainly the Mango with Ice Jelly and Mango with Coconut.  The desserts are made to order – which means, the puree and the mangoes are freshly cute and pureed on the spot to preserve maximum freshness of the dessert.

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews on the Best Food Places in   Singapore

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews on the Best Food Places in  Singapore

On first mouth, you will know the Hong Kongers don’t go easy on the mangoes.   No water, no syrup and definitely no bottled mango juice is added to the puree.  Its pure mango with every bite.  Sweet yet not overwhelming, smooth and silky.  The diced mangoes are firm; And the jelly is not soft, but it has got strength to it.  The mango ice cream – well, its not really ice cream, but rather frozen puree.

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews on the Best Food Places in  Singapore

I had the Mango with Coconut.  Strips of smooth coconut meat didn’t really go really well with the mango though.  Or rather, the unique taste of coconut was overwhelmed by sweet mango.  Still, if you love mango, you’ll probably forget about how coconut taste like.

This place is a must go for all mango fanatics.  Extravagant amount of mangoes goes into one dessert.

Note: This entry is part of my “Hong Kong Series” and is a combination of the efforts of my guest author, CY, and your humble author.

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