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Pietrasanta is owned by the Massimini brothers, Giuseppe and Chef Loris. Located in Wessex Estate, Portsdown Road, which has transformed from a laid back, unheard of location, to one that is busking in popularity now – likely due to its close proximity to the one-north biotech development.

Update: The Wessex Estate, is in fact part of the one-north development – managed and run by the same people who run one-north, JTC Corporation.

Pietrasanta used to be my family’s venue of choice for Saturday lunches up until sometime mid last year, when reservations seemed to be perceptually full and had to be placed on the waiting lists. I was lucky enough one Saturday afternoon, to be able to get a table for 2 and so, off to Pietrasanta, my dining partner and I headed.

HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Reviews

Complimentary Bread

Thank the heavens for the warm and crusty bread for they proved to be most quintessential, considering it was a while before the food was served up.


HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Reviews

Cozze e Vongole in Guazzetto (S$17.90++)

Simple appetizers were the order of the day and to start it off, we shared a serving of, recommended Black Mussels and Clams in White Wine and Fresh Tomato.

We were informed by the wait staff that the clams and mussels arrived only the day earlier and were succulent and fresh.

Although they were fresh, there were quite a number that came with an additional ingredient in tow (albeit, one that is least welcomed) – sand, and that, was a slight disappointment, enough to spoil the dish.

HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Reviews

Melanzane al Forno (S$14.90++)

Baked layered Eggplant with Mozzarella, Tomato sauce and Parmesan Cheese

The other appetizer that we shared was the ubiquitous Italian appetizer that originated from Sicily. It’s funny how baking a combination of simple ingredients of  Eggplant (Aubergine or Brinjal, whichever suits your tongue), Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella and Tomato sauce can turn out so delectable.

While no fault could be found with the eggplant appetizer, there was something that got my attention (and needed theirs) – it was the presentation of the dish (or rather, the lack of).  This is especially so, since I”m comparing this with Capricci‘s rendition where the immaculate presentation of the dish brought about mouth watering reactions.

HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Reviews

Braised Lamb Shank and served with Potato Puree and Lemon Zest Rosemary (S$32.90++)

The braised lamb shank was another one of the waiter’s recommendation. A special of the day, the meat literally fell off the bone with every small gentle nod of the fork. Can I just add that, I absolutely adored the black olives and was pleased with how generous the chef was with them.

However, the one thing that made this dish a value for money, also had me looking away from the next table.

Although, you can hardly picture the sheer serving size of the lamb shank that was served, my lamb-loving dining partner had a hard time trying to finish this dish. This is in direct contrast to the lamb that was served to our next table. A group of 4 Caucasians had ordered the exact same dish (I confirmed it later with the waiter, albeit silently) and had a portion that was only 1/2 the size of ours. Needless to say, I could tell that they were a little displeased

HungryEpicurean - Singapore Food Reviews

Squid ink tagliolini with tomato sauce and crab meat ($24.90)

Just like Cugini (and their signature seafood pasta), Pietrasanta’s signature pasta, the squid ink tagliolini is not listed in the menu. As a matter of fact, I was never introduced to this dish on any of my previous visits. Service lapse?

Much raved by reviewers, both online and on food blogs, the squink ink tagliolini did not live up to my heightened expectations unfortunately. Words that I had come across complimenting Pietrasanta’s supposed specialty were, “really gorgeous” and “awesome”.

Granted that there was plenty of fresh crab meat to go around, the pasta was way overcooked (beyond the realms of being al-dente) and the tomato sauce was far too sweet, that it tasted a little as if it was artificially sweetened.

Perhaps, the pasta chef on that day had a bad day, and thus his tagliolini paled in comparison to those who have tried this dish before me. I believe this was the main reason and I will give them a try soon, in the very near future.

Pietrasanta Italian Restaurant

5B Portsdown Road

#01-03 Wessex Estate

Tel: (65) 6479 9521


2 thoughts on “Pietrasanta

  1. I’ve tried Pietrasanta only once when they were newly opened. I had the same squid ink tagliolini with crabmeat and I just can’t forget that plate as it was really delicious. But they were not as busy as how they are now, as that time, we just walked in, until we left the place was never full. I wanted to go back to try it out again, haay, but Portsdown Rd is soooo far. 🙂 Lucky you, to be able to go there often for Sunday brunch. 😀

  2. @Lorraine: That must have been a really long time ago! I think it’s the heightened expectations that I had, after reading so many positive reviews, that led me to be somewhat disappointed with the dish.

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