Otto Ristorante

Otto Ristorante

Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

OTTO Ristorante, in my opinion, is the best Italian restaurant in Singapore. Much like how Saint Pierre is for French. Chef Michele Pavanello and his team consistently deliver excellent pastas and main courses and promotional menus and quarterly refreshes of the menu helps to keep one going back for more. Most memorable of this visit was trying Chef’s Sea Urchin pasta creation, which I must admit, not only sounded interesting at first, it was pretty much a novelty to me.

Another key attribute that sees me returning back to a particular establishment lies in the quality of the service staff. The service here is nothing short of being impeccable. Everyone, from the lovely receptionist at the door to Paolo, the affable Italian general manager, are friendly and always seem to go the extra mile when dining at OTTO.

Amuse Bouche

Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

Amuse Bouche 1: Baked Herbs Salmon

Lightly marinated salmon in a light tomato sauce, makes for a good amuse bouche.

Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

Amuse Bouche 2: Mushroom on Toast Gratinated with cheese

We were offered a second amuse bouche, compliments of Chef Michele.

Sauteed mushrooms on toast,  simple yet appetizing, Much like how serving the exact same combination for breakfast sets you on good footing for the day and leads you wanting for more.


Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

Appetizer 1: Blue swimmer crab meat, avocado and vine tomato timbale with yoghurt dressing (S$22)

I do not mean to sound mean but this appetizer was definitely not one of my favourites. Somehow the combination of blue swimmer crab meat, avocado, tomatoes and the dressing juts did not click with my taste buds.

Much like what they say in a bad break up, “It’s not you, it’s me”.

But I definitely have to add, the crab meat was fresh – none of that mushy meat you tend to get at bad establishments.

Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

Complimentary Appetizer 2: Potato and foie gras agnolotti with hazelnut butter and cocoa nibs

In between the two appetizers, Chef Michele Pavanello, brought out a complimentary appetizer. By the way, Chef was definitely very generous with the foie gras filling.

I liked this to bits! My dining partner for that evening does not appreciate the beauty of foie gras, which meant only one thing – I had two pieces for myself! Her loss, my gain!

The only complaint, or rather, comment that I have – it was rather filing to the stomach, probably due to thickness of the pasta or the potato that was stuffed along with the foie gras.

Based on the Wikipedia entry, Agnolotti is basically similar to that of ravioli, except for the fact that one has to have stuffed meat, for it to be called an Agnolotti. Anything else (e.g. Ricotta Cheese and Spinach) are classified as Ravioli.

– Last Accessed 29 June 2010.

Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

Appetizer 3: “Squid ink” tagliolini with langoustine and own reduction (S$32)

Al dente squid ink tagliolini pasta, fresh langoustine meat and flavourful stock, what more can a person ask for, from his/her pasta dish?

I love simple pastas – that means, no heavy cream based sauces or pastas soaked in thick tomato sauces, and OTTO definitely hit the right chord with this dish.

In case you were wondering why the portion size looks considerably down-sized, what you see pictured above is only half of the original serving portion. We had requested for the pasta to be split into 2 for sharing purposes.

Main Courses

Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

“Spaghetti” with sea urchin and grey mullet bottarga pasta (S$30)

In one of Chef Michele Pavanello’s supposed specialty, Spaghetti is tossed with Bottarga (Grey mullet roe marinated with salt that is pressed and air dried) and sea urchin paste.

This came highly recommended from Chef himself and I can completely understand why it is one of OTTO’s top selling pasta.

Light on the palate yet it was exquisite on the tastebuds. Uni sushi, I’ve had a few, but to see Uni used in a pasta sauce, now that alone is worth mentioning.

Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

Monkfish “ossobuco” with two leek consistency (S$38)

This was my dining partner’s choice of a main and frankly although I tried a bit of it, my memories of it are somewhat blurry. Therefore, I shall not comment on this dish, for doing so, would be doing injustice to the chef.

Again, this is one of those, “it’s not you, it’s me” concepts.


Otto Ristorante - HungryEpicurean Singapore Food Review Blog

Giamaica coffee Tiramisu’ OTTO (S$14)

Lovely is an understatement when describing the Tiramisu. The soft and creamy Italian dessert, served in a relatively large portion I must add, was befitting as a finale to the wonderful meal. A word of caution, if you are looking for one that is doused heavily in liquer, OTTO’s version is not for you.

I have been to OTTO for both lunches and dinners and I must say, that on each and every occasion, I have never once left disappointed. Every visit just affirms my decision that OTTO is the best Italian restaurant in Singapore.

OTTO Ristorante

28 Maxwell Road

#01-02 Red Dot Traffic Building

Tel: +65 6227 6819


Opening hours


12pm – 2.3pm


6.30pm – 10.30pm

(Closed on Sun)

7 thoughts on “Otto Ristorante

  1. I’ll try the squid ink langoustine tagliolini next. I was deciding between this & the white truffle tagliatelle but the latter won of coz.

    Uni & bottarga pasta is no longer a novelty. Many Italian restaurants here do serve this. In fact, fresh sea urchin & bottarga is very much featured in South Italian cuisine, Sicily & Sardinia to be exact. I’ve eaten this combi pasta in some restaurants here but none compares to Chef Michele’s version. A full portion does get abit overwhelming actually.

  2. @ice: The squid ink pasta was quite good. Yeah I realized! I did do a google search but to me, it was rather a novelty for me as I’ve never had this before. I’ve never tried this anywhere else before, but I’m very sure that Chef Michele’s version is the best! I love his food! On the contrary, I did not find it too overwhelming, compared to say a cream based sauce pasta.

  3. I was very disappointed with my dining experience at this establishment. Foie gras is such a delectable ingredient that there is absolutely no excuse to get it wrong but I left half my portion on the plate (trust me, this never happens with foie gras). Sadly it was underseasoned and overpowered by the tartness of the sour pineapple. Main course of cinnamon quadrotti with venison sauce overpromised and underdelivered as it was way too salty and one-dimensional. Was hoping the tiramisu would save the day but bizarrely this was sold out at lunch time so settled for the cheese platter – the crackers were good but can’t say much for the cheese.
    Food just scraped a pass…but in terms of value for money it’s a fail for me.

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