Oriole Cafe & Bar

Oriole Cafe & Bar

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I was rather pleased on my previous visit to Oriole. So, when I so happened to be in the Orchard vicinity and needed to find a cafe to have a quick dinner, I suggested Oriole.

Luckily for me, my suggestion was taken up. Also, I needed a quick caffeine fix myself!

HungryEpicurean.com - Singapore Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Piccolo Latte ($5.50++)

The Piccolo Latte tasted exactly as how I remembered it was, on my previous visit. To recap, here was what I wrote in my prior entry.

What differentiates the Oriole’s Piccolo latte from a Cafe Latte from the likes of Coffee Bean is that you get (1) Well roasted coffee beans (Bitter coffee is a good indication of over roasted beans) and (2) A good proportion of Espresso Coffee and Milk (None of that 1/3 Espresso, 2/3 Milk proportions here). Can I just add that the Latte Art that Oriole prides itself upon is just a joy to look at?

HungryEpicurean.com - Singapore Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Both of us needed a quick warm appetizer to start the meal and a simple Cream of Mushroom did the trick for us.

Admittedly, while it was creamy and smooth, it tasted reminiscent to that of a canned mushroom soup – which, by the way, quite a handful of people I know, swear by.

Allow me to digress and say that I love Otto Ristorante’s Portobello Mushroom soup.

HungryEpicurean.com - Singapore Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Fish and Chips

My dining partner’s order of the fish and chips were a delight to eat. 5 pieces of decent sized pieces of fish in a crispy, not-too-oily batter.

HungryEpicurean.com - Singapore Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Beef Cheek Tagliatelle

On my previous visit, which was a invited tasting session, Carlyn, the PR consultant, had high regard for the Beef Cheek Tagliatelle.

While I did not take her up on the offer that time, I had my mind set on trying it this time around.

In the absence of other adjectives, the beef cheek was fork tender! Admittedly, it felt a little too tender, thus the question of whether meat tenderizers were used. The only let down was the over-cooked tagliatelle. I’m beginning to wonder if over-cooked pasta is the name of the game here, as the pasta, on the previous occasion was over-cooked too.

Will I return for a third time? Definitely! There are not many places in and around Orchard, where you can get decent fare at affordable prices. Moreover, the coffee’s great!

Oriole Cafe and Bar
96 Somerset Road
#01-01 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
Tel: +65 6238 8348

6 thoughts on “Oriole Cafe & Bar

  1. @Xin Li: I totally agree. I’m a coffee addict, unfortunately.

    @Umasou: Admittedly, the pieces were rather small sized, so I guess they made up for the small size by quantity?

  2. try their risotto of the day next time. I tried it before and i felt it was really good! 🙂

    1. En tout cas, Chasse-clou, vous pouvez dire ce que vous voulez, ce Kouchner est quand même plus sexy, plus &lauvo; aqenant » même, que ses prédécesseurs : Maurice Couve de Murville, Louis de Guiringaud, Claude Cheysson… Enfin, ça dépend de nos programmes…

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