Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro - Singapore Unbiased Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Zaylene was craving for seafood one day, so I thought why not?

Admittedly, with the exception of Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro, I’m not aware of any specialty western seafood restaurants around. (Save for Fish & Co, Manhattan Fish Market). I have been to Greenwood Fish Market once, prior to the opening of their new outlet and was pleased with my meal. Another reason that keeps me going back to Greenwood is how affordable a meal at Greenwood is, given the quality and range of seafood that you get here.

So off to Greenwood Ave, we both went, in the hope that Zayzay’s cravings could be satisfied. - Singapore Unbiased Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Complimentary Bread

Served cold, the bread was so dry and frankly seemed to have been devoid of any moisture whatsoever.

It left our table, barely touched. - Singapore Unbiased Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Lobster Bisque + Brandy + Fresh Lobster Meat

Rather than go for the ubiquitous soup of the day – Cream of Mushroom, we chose to start dinner with a Lobster Bisque.

A tad too thin for me, otherwise, it was decent. Neither the best that I’ve had the pleasure of having nor the worst.

I still think The French Kitchen‘s Lobster Bisque is the best that I’ve had thus far. - Singapore Unbiased Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Norwegian Salmon Sashimi ($9.95)

Wednesday is Sashimi night, and that’s when prices of sashimi slices are reduced.

  • Norwegian Salmon Sashimi $9.95
  • Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi $9.95
  • Alaskan Chinook Salmon Sashimi $9.95
  • Swordfish Toro Sashimi $12.95 - Singapore Unbiased Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Swordfish Toro Sashimi ($12.95)

Both the Salmon and Swordfish Toro sashimi that we ordered were fresh – No complaints there.

I would have loved if they had freshly grated wasabi as accompaniment, rather than the mass-produced, flavour-enhanced version they provide here. Of course, this is no sushi specialty restaurant, but with such fresh fish available, it would be a waste not to have it as an option. - Singapore Unbiased Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Grilled Swordfish

Accompanied by Asparagus and Pumpkin puree, Zaylene’s choice of the Grilled Swordfish as her main course, was an excellent one.

I took a small bite and realized that the outer parts of the fish were a tad overcooked. Fortunately all was not lost, for the insides remained succulent and moist.

And, most importantly, it satisfied her craving. - Singapore Unbiased Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Grilled Tarakihi

I was paying close attention while the wait staff first read out the fishes that were in season, but she lost me when she said, “Tarakihi.”

At the back of my mind, I was thinking, “Tara- what?”

Since I have had not the opportunity to try this fish, I gladly accepted her suggestion to give it a try, hoping to be surprised.

Surprised would have been an understatement! I liked the fish!

The New Zealand native was not-so-oily,had firm meat (somewhere in between dory and snapper) and was not strong tasting.

I especially liked the simple buttery sauce that accompanied the fish. - Singapore Unbiased Food Reviews of Best Restaurants

Valrhona Warm Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream + Seasonal Berries

Zaylene loved the Valrhona chocolate fondant.

I thought that it was a tad dry on the outside, although the molten chocolate within it helped to ‘moisturize’ the otherwise boring dessert.
Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro
34 Greenwood Avenue
Tel:(65) 6467-4950

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  1. hmmm there is so many warm chocolate cakes/ chocolate fondant/ choc lava cake/ molten chocolate cake around nowadays.

    do they happen to serve as seafood related dessert, that would be interesting.

  2. @Xin Li: I have to agree! Too many ­čÖü Seafood related dessert? I can think of something along the lines of the Seafood Experience at Osia and somehow turn them into mouthwatering desserts.

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