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A recent food trail with 2 colleagues landed us at Canele, Paragon for some sweet after-work desserts. In all, 3 of us ordered 2 slices of cake and 2 sweet crepes (they have savoury ones too). Do the math and you’ll realize that, for someone who does not take too much to his desserts like myself, that’s a lot of desserts!

Before I begin, let it be known that I am not one too keen on his desserts (Read: I’m not someone who needs a dessert to end off every meal). And, for the record, as of this writing, I am unable to distinguish the difference between a génoise sponge and sponge cake. Desserts for all its technicalities, shall be left to the experts, sgdesserts, skinnier than the original and divinejoybites.

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews of the Best Singapore Cakes

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews of the Best Singapore Cakes

Strawberry Shortcake (S$6.50++)
Fresh strawberries layered with crème chantilly and Japanese shortcake laced with kirsch.

I read from sgdessert‘s that Canele’s version is slightly firmer than say K-ki’s but firmer or not, I actually liked Canele’s strawberry shortcake. The firmness of the cake helps it to hold its form when one knives through it. The combination of somewhat slightly sour strawberries matches (or rather cuts through) the sweetness and heaviness of sugar and cream well.

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews of the Best Singapore Cakes

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews of the Best Singapore Cakes

Raspberry Cheesecake (S$7.50++)
Chocolate fudge cake, velvety smooth vanilla cheesecake galzed with raspberry jelly and rosemary-infused creme chantilly.

Granted, the cake is a sight to behold, (Heck, that was what led us to choosing it in the first place) but the combination of chocolate, vanilla flavoured cheesecake, raspberry jelly and rosemary-infused creme Chantilly did not cut it out for all three of us.

Perhaps, if the chocolate fudge cake was removed (or vice-versa), the resulting more-simple cake could rise up to the occasion. But who am I to suggest?

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews of the Best Singapore Cakes

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews of the Best Singapore Cakes

Chic Choc (S$15.00++)

Chocolate ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, meringue, chocolate crumble, chocolate shards and vanilla crème chantilly.

This indulgent crepe was worth every additional calorie that we had incurred that night. The crisp crepe, when combined with the other chocolate elements just made this dessert, one to yearn for. A word of caution, the sheer richness of this crepe, may hinder one’s eagerness to finish this crepe.

Personally, crepes aside, I liked the chocolate ice cream most. I’m a simple person –  I go for traditional flavours when it comes to ice cream, Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate etc. and favour traditional brands (aka Haagen Dazs).

HungryEpicurean - Food Reviews of the Best Singapore Cakes

Exotique (S$$12.50++)
Flambéed caramelized banana, chocolate sauce, passionfruit banana sorbet, vanilla tuile and vanilla crème chantilly.

Having ordered Chic Choc, we wanted to try another crepe that was not too rich and heavy. (What were we thinking? Crepes are rich and heavy on their own!)

We looked for something in the direction along the lines of fruits.

Flipping through the menu, we spotted the Exotique. A fruit themed crepe that came with bananas and passion fruit banana sorbet sounded like a good choice. In your humble author’s opinion, the Exotique suited my taste buds more than the Chic Choc, for the mere reasons that it tasted a tad lighter on the palette and that the caramelized bananas were awesome, a delight to savour!

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie
Paragon Outlet
290 Orchard Road,
#B1-25 Paragon,
Telephone: (65) 6733-8893

Robertson Walk Outlet
11 Unity Street, #01-09
Robertson Walk
Telephone: (65) 6738-8145

Shaw Centre Outlet
1 Scotts Road
#01-01A, Shaw Centre
Telephone: (65) 6738 9020

light and fluffy like Kki’s and Pâtisserie Glacé‘s.

6 thoughts on “Canele

  1. that cheesecake sure looks pretty but the amalgation of flavors sure seems too complex tough i haven’t tried it. perhaps you should have eaten the different layers one by one (:

    1. m: I suspect some of the paietsrs (Paragon branch) may not be freshly made on the same day as the colours sometimes don’t appear very fresh to me. And I wonder if it’s actually appropriate to display the cakes in an open-window concept, without a glass panel to cover the cakes…Anyway I wonder if that male manager is the same guy I spoke to when I was enquiring abt their X’mas log cakes. As it was 1 week away from X’mas, that manager haughtily claimed they could only accept the last few limited orders and it was on a “one-to-one” customer basis. When I asked what he meant by “one-to-one”, he reluctantly picked up the phone and called the Robertson Quay branch to check if they were still able to make ONE more cake. My goodness, by that time I had already lost interest in the logcake.

    1. i had a similar exeirpence with bad service at the Paragon branch as well. Our Le Royale cake tasted like the feuilletine layer was flat (should be crunchy) so we asked the male manager if the cake was fresh. He simply replied to say the cake was delivered that very day (but it does not mean it was fresh, no?) and looked at us as if we knew nothing about fancy French cakes. Then he took the cake away, without service recovery like asking if we would like a different cake as replacement. He eventually didn’t charge us for it, but still, we were pretty unhappy with his attitude.

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