Ansari Briyani Restaurant

Ansari Briyani Restaurant

HungryEpicurean - Reviews of the Best Briyani in Singapore

Let it be known that, apart from all the French and Italian and Japanese and what-have-you cuisines that I have had the pleasure of blogging before, I am a die-hard fan of local cuisine. But, I am very picky. Therefore, if you have any suggestions of the best local Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee or Roast Duck, please e-mail me!

The first cuisine stop – Malay.

I joined fellow bloggers, Harris and Zaylene in search of a Malay staple, the Nasi Briyani.

Harris first learnt of Ansari Briyani from first learnt about Ansari Briyani PutriBerendam, one of the few surviving Muslim-themed food blogs that he frequents.

After labouring for 10-15 minutes from Bugis Junction, navigating ourselves via Google Maps along the way, we reached our destination. Tucked along a row of shop houses, this humble-looking cafe serves up a briyani-themed menu (albeit limited) – primarily chicken and mutton dum briyani. What differentiates dum briyani from normal briyani, is the fact that the protein (in our case, chicken meat), was cooked together with the rice instead of being cooked separately.

HungryEpicurean - Reviews of the Best Briyani in Singapore

Chicken Briyani (S$7.00)

Three things make a briyani, one to yearn for.

1. The rice

The rice was cooked perfectly – if this were risotto, I would have have described it as al dente.

2. The protein

The moist and fork-tender chicken meat. Unfortunately, it did not manage to absorb the flavours of the cooking liquid, resulting in a somewhat one-dimensional flavour.

HungryEpicurean - Reviews of the Best Briyani in Singapore

3. The curry

The curry was far too diluted for my liking and lacked the oomph factor to make this one to die for. Harris mentioned too, in his review, that he found it too oily.

Note: When the manager of the restaurant came around to ask for our feedback, she willingly accepted our slight criticism of the curry being too diluted and promised to look into it. Now, that is what I call service and I appreciate that!

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Ansari Briyani Restaurant
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