Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre

I loved my previous visit to Saint Pierre so much that I just had to have my French fix again the following week. So this was, essentially, two consecutive visits in just two weeks.

As mentioned before, Saint Pierre has a relatively affordable set lunch menu that ranges from S$28++ to S$48++ depending on the number of courses. Unlike other restaurants who just claim to change their menus frequently, Saint Pierre holds true to their word. With the exception of 3 mainstay dishes (The Foie Gras, Miso Cod and Grandma Stroobant’s Chocolate cake), the menu was revamped and had no similarities withe the menu on my previous visit.

The entry on my previous visit can be found here.

So, lunch started with the amuse bouche – Salmon mousse with home-smoked salmon crusted with capers and yuzu zest, ginger dust, citrus and saffron gel, and olive oil powder.


I loved the Duck Confit risotto with smoked duck breast. I loved how texture of the risotto rice.  I loved the simple wine reduction that accompanied the risotto. I loved how tender and how well-smoked the duck breast was.

I knew that lunch was going to be an excellent affair.

My lunch partner’s Olive Oil Marinated Mackerel apparently fell short of her expectations. A comment worth mentioning was the rather bland bouillabaisse jelly base and rouille dressing.

Prelude to Main Course

I love how Saint Pierre serves a small dish as a prelude to main course (And it usually is excellent!)

This time around, a Langoustine Tortellini with Lobster Cream, Lobster Jelly and Lobster Bisque, was served. Both my lunch partner and myself wished that this was served as a main course portion. That pretty much sums up how good this tasted.

Main Courses

On the previous visit, I had the miso cod and wanted to choose something else. So, when I spied upon a Roasted Lamb Saddle with Spinach and Mascarpone Stuffing, Ratatouille and Fondant potatoes on the menu, I jumped onto it. (Okay, that was exaggeration in the making for, there was a pork dish on the menu too that sounded very tempting!)

The lamb was cooked to the right done-ness, retaining much of its natural juices and tenderness. If there was one thing that I did not quite take to in this dish, it would have to be the fondant potatoes. They were a tad bland for my liking.

My lunch partner had a Saint Pierre signature – the White Miso Marinated Black Cod!

Although presented differently and accompanied with different sides from my previous visit, I was pretty sure the cod dish was excellent for she cleaned up her plate pretty quick!


Desserts at Saint Pierre were never one of their strong points and this lunch’s dessert, the Granny Smith Apple Tart did not fair any better. Although, I must admit that I adored every spoon of the almond ice cream.

Saint Pierre’s signature dessert – Grandma Stroobant’s Flourless Belgian Chocolate Cake, was my lunch partner’s dessert of choice. One thing’s for sure – the quality of desserts remain consistent. Just like during my previous visit, while was creamy, smooth,  and moist, it was a tad too sweet and rich for me.

Petit Fours

An excellent lunch at an affordable price in the midst of adorable company.
What else is there not to like about Saint Pierre?

For my lunch partner’s review on Saint Pierre, do visit her food blog at

Saint Pierre by Emmanuel Stroobant

3 Magazine Road
#01-01 Central Mall

Tel: +65 6438 0887


4 thoughts on “Saint Pierre

  1. the changes in the set lunch menu aren’t reflected in saint pierre’s website, so thanks for the update! if i visit saint pierre i’ll be torn between ordering the foie gras and duck confit risotto…

  2. @stargirl: Sorry my bad. Let me clarify, this was a lunch affair a few weeks back.

    Saint Pierre changes their menu on a weekly basis – so it’s best to check their website for the latest menu, or give them a call prior to going down.

    Only 3 items remain on their set lunch menu always (The Foie Gras, The Miso Cod and The Chocolate cake). The rest change.

  3. glenn you’re updating so frequently while I’m still trying to stick to my self-imposed ban it’s almost evil! 😀 looks delishh.

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