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Sage Restaurant Revisited - Singapore Food Blog

This is a revisit to Sage Restaurant, along Mohd Sultan Road. My post on my previous visit to Sage can be found at:

I was pretty pleased with the service and food on my previous lunch visit, that I decided to return to Sage for dinner, with heightened expectations! Joining me for this dinner was the very lovely Elaine from divinejoybites. - Singapore Food Blog

Admittedly, the complimentary bread was letdown this time around. When it came to our table, the bread was slightly cold and a little tough. “Perhaps, it was the full house that this minor lapse occurred and I was most willing to let this go”, I thought to myself. - Singapore Food Blog

Then, the amuse bouche came. A herb infused puree of sorts, served with a dollop of creme fraiche and topped with a little droplet of caviar. Interesting, yes; Delicious, unfortunately not. It was a tad strong on the palate for me and was pretty much left untouched too.

Not the most best way to start the meal.


Alas, the appetizers appeared on our tables and I hoped that they would live up what I have come to know from Sage. - Singapore Food Blog - Singapore Food Blog

Mushrooms (Cappuccino of wild mushrooms with truffle infused scrambled eggs, asparagus and morel cream) S$18++

The mushroom cappuccino was easily the star of the meal! No, IT WAS the star! The mushroom cappuccino, that literally left you wanting for more, was refined in both texture and flavour. You would never find small pieces of mushrooms within the soup and the amount of cream that Chef Jusman used was just in the right proportions! Seriously, it was so good that I could go for seconds.

But that was not all.

The truffle infused scrambled eggs that came with the soup was oh-my-goodness yummy! You could really taste the truffle oils that was used to infuse the scrambled eggs. An excellent combination, if you ask me. - Singapore Food Blog

Escargot & Prawn Risotto (A risotto with Burgundy escargot and tiger prawn bits flambéed with pastis, parmesan crusted poached egg and parsley veloute) S$25++

I had this as my appetizer and I absolutely loved it. The risotto was cooked al dente, the escargot and tiger prawn bits were cooked perfectly. The parmesan crusted poached egg was great. Just like like that on my previous visit, the poached egg was done perfectly – runny.

The Parsley Veloute that accompanied the dish  was surprising delicious. Truth be told, it did sound somewhat boring at first glance, but boy, I was wrong!

I am hankering for more, already. - Singapore Food Blog

Hokkaido Scallop (Seared Hokkaido scallops on potato blinis with chilled capellini salad tossed with crème fraiche, smoked salmon and fresh dill, Avruga caviar) S$25++

Elaine’s Hokkaido scallops looked a little overcooked and she concurred.

Nevertheless, I liked how this dish was presented.

Main Courses - Singapore Food Blog

Cod (Fillet of cod topped with prawn and cognac butter, roasted mini Spanish red peppers stuffed with salt cod brandade, caramelized lemon confit and saffron cream) S$42++

The Cod Fish was, like the scallops, a tad overcooked, resulting in a somewhat dry interior. - Singapore Food Blog

Duck Confit (Deboned duck leg confit meat wrapped in cabbage with fricassee of field mushrooms and foie gras, crispy duck skin with potato puree and Pommery mustard jus) S$38++

In my opinion, this tasted pretty much a disaster. Maybe it’s just me, but after having a few bites, it tasted heavy on the palate. The pommery mustard jus did not help to cut through this heavy-ness either.

But, I do have to add, the duck meat was absolutely tender and I felt that I should compliment Chef for this.

Maybe, I just want a duck leg confit done in the classic French style. - Singapore Food Blog

Soufflé (Chocolate soufflé with Amaretto ice cream and vanilla bean custard) S$16++

The souffle was a tad dry for my liking, but nothing that a little Amaretto ice cream and vanilla bean custard could not help with!

I am grateful for the vanilla bean custard as it helped to cut through the otherwise, dry and dense, chocolate souffle. Additionally, the texture seemed more reminiscent a chocolate fondant/lava cake, rather than a chocolate souffle, per-se.

I would probably not want to come back for their desserts the next time around, especially since Laurent Bernard is just a 5 minute walk away.


Clearly, a meal that was with hits and misses. Nevertheless, in my opinion, Sage still serves up hearty European cuisine. It’s more of a matter of choosing the right dishes!

However, it is in the opinion of my dining partner and myself that Sage’s front of house was severely understaffed. Kimberley and her 2 Filipino wait staff seemed stretched, when it came to taking orders, clearing plates and topping up of glasses. The kitchen though, served up food fast. Too fast, if you ask me. The moment a dish was cleared, the next course would appear, giving the impression that it was a rushed dinner service.

Sage, The Restaurant
No. 7 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238957

Telephone: 6333 8726

Lunch: 12noon – 2:30pm (Wednesday to Friday)
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
Closed on Mondays & Public Holidays

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