Singapore: Nogawa Restaurant, Concorde Hotel

Singapore: Nogawa Restaurant, Concorde Hotel

Nogawa at Concorde Hotel is my favourite Japanese restaurant and Chef Kevin is my go-to guy when the craving for sushi comes around.

I just love sitting at the counter interacting with the Itamae (Sushi Chef), Chef Kevin. You get to interact with the Chef, asking him questions and chatting about almost anything under the sun, akin to having your own personal chef. This is completely unlike dining at an French or Italian restaurant, where the Chef’s in the kitchen, hidden from view. (Open Kitchens aside.)

Now, sit back and relax while you join me for this little sushi adventure.

The Sushi Set costs S$60++ per person. Nogawa does have a special sushi lunch set that goes for S$30++ per person as well.

To get the meal started proper – complimentary simple pickled carrots, radishes and boiled greens.

One of my favoured Japanese dishes is the Agedashi Tofu. I like that Nogawa’s version does not have too thick a coating and the accompanying sauce was a great match.

Note: This was not part of the set.

Kanpachi Sushi

Saba Sushi (Mackerel). As most mackerels go, this was fishy and for those not used to the taste, I would suggest skipping this.

One of the more prized sushis is the Tuna Belly of the rapidly depleting Blue Fin Tuna.

The Otoro (Premium Tuna Belly) is the lowest section of the tuna belly (toro) and is the highest in fat content and is rich with omega 3 oils. It literally melted in my mouth.

The ordinary sounding Marinated Maguro Sushi (Regular Tuna Belly) was good! As boring as it may sound, this was done slightly different, to give it a twist. Right before serving, the fish was managed in a special soy marinate that gave it a deeper red colour and enhanced the flavours.

Abalone is a shellfish that is commonly associated with being a local Chinese delicacy but what do you know? Abalone is a delicacy for the Japanese as well!

Make no mistake, Nogawa serves fresh abalone, and not something that comes out from a can. The Awabi Sushi was crunchy and tasted fresh of the sea.

Served directly atop Chef’s hand and topped with a bit of seaweed, the creamy and rich Uni Sushi (Sea Urchin) was yummy. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy uni!

When I asked Chef Kevin on the most appropriate way to savour the yumminest of uni, he commented that this was the best way as there were no other conflicting flavours. (Think seaweed wrapped sushi)

The Salmon Sushi was decent. Lightly seared on the top and topped with a dash of mayo and roe, it was melt-in-your-mouth tender.

The STAR of the day! The Sakuraniku Sushi (Horse Meat) was surprisingly a delight!

Before he served this, Chef asked me quietly, “Do you eat everything?” Little  did I know, the “Everything” that he referred to, was Horse meat! Up to this moment, I have never had the pleasure of trying horsemeat and it was definitely a surprise.

It was slightly gamey and but tender. I’m game to try this again, if the opportunity rises.

Dining Partner’s Meal

My dining partner had a simple Tempura Soba for lunch. The Tempura was decent, lightly coated and the prawns were fresh! Soba was ordinary though.

Dessert to Share

To give the meal a sweet ending, we shared the Umeshu Jelly. Excellent! Personally, I felt that it was a little expensive, considering only 3 small slices were served.

Note: This was not part of the set.

Nogawa-san, I vow to return.


100 Orchard Road, #03-25
Lobby Level, Concorde Hotel
Singapore 238840

Tel: +65 6732 2911

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  1. @stargirl: Yeah, a pleasant surprise, it was indeed.

    @Charlene: I won’t say a regular, but I’ve been there a couple of times 🙂 Nogawa caters more of like simple more traditional sushi. This would be in stark contrast with Tatsuya, which tends to give sushi a more modernsique approach.

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