Antique Patisserie & Fine Chocolates (Hong Kong)

Antique Patisserie & Fine Chocolates (Hong Kong)

It was purely coincidental that we came across this little ‘English-(ala colonial) looking’ tea/cake shop along Central. Lying directly opposite of Tai Cheong Bakery lies Antique Patisserie & Fine Chocolates.

(P.S. Tai Cheong Bakery is famous for it’s Egg Tarts – More on that in another post)

Glenn saw the wide selection of cakes at the store front and decided to walk in for a closer look. Delicious, tempting cakes lined the shelves. For HKS$70 per person, you get a slice of cake or 3 macaroons along with a selection of Antique’s selection of teas or coffee.

Its a nice and quaint place to take a pit-stop from all the crazy shopping in Central.

The Earl Grey Chinese Mandarin cake was a light cake. However, both CY and myself thought that both the Earl Gray and Chinese Mandarin flavours came across as a tad too light.  Glenn preferred this cake to the Congo Mousse cake.

The Congo Mousse Cake was literally a burst of chocolate.  Chocolate mousse layered with chocolate sponge encrusted with chocolate meringue, every inch of this cake is practically chocolate.  It was a bit too rich to be eaten on its on, but paired with a cup of tea, this would be the perfect fix for a sweet tooth.

The Cappuccino was an excellent perk-me-up, after the long walk along Central.

The English Rose Tea was a great choice to go along with the cakes.  And you can choose to buy their selection tea leaves (which Glenn did) from the store as well.

On the whole, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood and want a cozy English style place to have tea/coffee, Antique would be a place that I would recommend! While the cakes were not as good as I would have expected to to be, the decor, the friendly service and affordable prices more than compensates for it.

P.S. The selection of cakes here is quite wide, some of which can be found on their website.

Note: This entry is part of my “Hong Kong Series” and is a combination of the efforts of my guest author, CY, and your humble author.

Antique Patisserie & Fine Chocolates

Tea Room @ Central
Shop 2, G/F, Oriental Crystal Commercial Building,
46 Lyndhurst Terrace, Soho Central.

Tel: (852) 2542 2816 Fax: (852) 2542-2861

Mon-Sat: 11.00am to 8.30pm
Sun/Holidays: 1.00pm to 8.30pm


One thought on “Antique Patisserie & Fine Chocolates (Hong Kong)

  1. Hong Kong is never the same after exploring the dessert places. I used to think that they are popular for dim sum, polo buns, egg tarts and fish balls but having seem more and more dessert places in Hong Kong, it makes me want to explore these places further.

    This place looks so tempting and their webbie is so “christmas-y”. With Sift patisserie, La Creation, Panesh & Antique Patisserie, I am hoping to be back in HK soon.

    Oh my, the Congo Mousse Cake looks so sinfully rich…

    Any more dessert posts in HK? Looking forward to them =)

    Btw, they seems to like Mille Feuille, I see it almost every patisserie I go and are the signature of the store…

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