Le Bon Marche

Le Bon Marche

Le Bon Marche is situated next to my favourite Italian joint, Al Borgo. Having walked past the restaurant on a couple of occasions, I was rather impressed by the menu that was placed strategically at the door.

Le Bon Marche had recently moved out from Tiong Bahru to their new premises in Bukit Timah. The Bukit Timah outlet combines both a French bistro and a upmarket grocery store. I have to admit that the decor is sparse with no more than 10 wooden tables. Admittedly, I thought that the smell of the cheeses that emanated through the restaurant was a tad too strong for my liking.

The Chicken Saute “Chasseur” (S$29++), basically Roasted Chicken with Mushrooms & Cognac-Natural Jus was decent. It was rather reminiscent of home-cooked chinese-style black sauce chicken. In truth, I would have preferred the latter. But having said that, I could literally taste the cognac in the sauce, much like how chinese Shaoxing wine or rice wine.

The roasted chicken was served along with a side of Potato Croquettes. Fresh out of the fryer, they were crispy, yet the potato inside the croquette was smooth.

The Berkshire Korrobuta Pork Neck “Charcutiere” (S$35++) was excellent. Served on a bed of wild mushroom ragout, potato puree & mustard sauce, the pork neck was tender to the bite and the potato puree was one of the creamiest mashes that I’ve had in a long while. The mustard sauce was a great accompaniment to this dish!

The Hot Souffle with Grand Marnier Liquor (S$15++) was a fantastic way to end the meal. Souffles, although seem to be easy to whip up, are hard to be perfect! Souffles are an Art, if I were to put it simply.The trick is to get the right amount of air into your egg whites so that they form nice peaks. I was pleasantly surprised when the waitress brought Mr. Souffle to our table. Well risen, the souffle was soft in the middle yet were firm enough to hold their shape for quite a while, at least until my photo-taking session was over. I thought that the souffle was a tad too sweet, but I  thought that the accompanying bitter-sweet chocolate sauce helped to cut through the sweetness.

Food wise, what I’ve had was only the tip of the ice-berg. Therefore, I cannot really offer my readers a thorough review. However, from what I’ve had thus far, this place sure has some promise. However, the prices seem somewhat steep for a French bistro.

Service wise, there was only a Filipino waitress when I was there. Despite having to service a few tables, she seemed to be more than capable of refilling our glasses and was attentive whenever we sought for her attention.

Le Bon Marche (Bukit Timah)

383 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 Alocassia Service Apartments

Tel: +65 6226 3269

Opening hours

10am – 11pm
11am – 5pm
(Closed on Mon)

11 thoughts on “Le Bon Marche

  1. hey glenn, I’d have to disagree with your title. It’s not a good deal. I’ve walked past Le Bon Marche on many occasions & thought they’re really pricey for a bistro. And service is wanting too. The lady boss always has her nose high up in the air.

  2. Woah, glenn, why is that Harry Potter person spamming your site haha. Anyway, I thought Le Bon Marche has set lunches/dinners? Are those the good deals you are referring to?

    PS: The souffle looks so good! =)

  3. @Ice: Yes! I agree re the prices! On hindsight, I shouldn’t have titled this post, A Good Deal. I’ve changed it.

    The few occasions that I walked past, considering how pricey the menu was, it seemed packed and that was what intrigued me. Yes, the prices were high for a bistro and out of the 2 mains, 1 was a hit, one was a miss. The latter being the chicken.

    Regarding service, I was served by this Filipino waitress (who was the only one around) and she seemed friendly and seemed to know what she was doing.

    I’ll take your word about the lady boss, but I hope that you understand that I didn’t encounter the lady boss so I can’t really tell.

    I’ll glady have my Au Petit Salut or French Kitchen’s set lunch over Le Bon Marche anytime though!

    @myfoodsirens: Haha, it seems so. Title changed on hindsight.

  4. Dear Glenn,

    I am not sure why you caved in when this “ice” person said that Le Bon Marche is not a good deal….
    I am sorry, but I never understood people that go to western restaurant in general and French in Particular to order Chicken. Seriously not the most adventurous choice the Bon Marche has to offer. Especially when they have so many specials to offer that change very regularly.
    Just a a French Whole Sole Meuniere for 45$ which was a real treat when you would probably get exactly the same in other French Restaurant for probably double the price.
    And Seriously there are not many restaurant out there that would offer a 400+grams Rack of lamb for just 39++ here in Singapore.

    So yes Le Bon Marche is definitely a good deal and there is seriously nothing bad to say about the service, they are very friendly people and you don’t hear the usual: “let me check” when you ask questions about the produces there.



  5. @Gilles: Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it.

    Granted, this was a review back in February and things may have changed for the better.

    As for specials – I don’t recall any waitress, manager or chef, informing me of the specials that they had on offer.

    My real problem with Le Bon Marche, was not too much with the food than that with the seemingly condescending attitudes of the boss and chef. (Exactly as ice mentioned.)

    I’m all for giving second chances and I may just re-visit Le Bon Marche if and when the opportunity arises. But considering, I do not frequent Al Borgo as often as I did before, this may be a while.


  6. Case and point

    Awesome dining experience!
    Jul 12, 2010
    Date of Dinner: 26th June ’10

    Was browsing through HGW for a French restaurant that’s near town when I chanced upon Le Bon Marche. Though I have to clarify that ‘near’ here does not mean walking distance kind of near! For us, we met at Newton MRT before taking a cab down, which fare did not cost more than $4.50. And Le Bon Marche is more of a bistro than a restaurant.

    And my girlfriends and I ordered:-
    1) Bread (Complimentary) – The staff went round with a large basket and served us the bread, warm! Very nice. And they were very generous with their bread too. As they made their rounds, they would still ask us if we wanted more even though our main courses were served!
    2) Duck Confit (Non traditional) – Instead of a full duck leg, this was interestingly served with a layer of potato on top of the shredded duck that could easily pass off as lasagna. Yummy, though the layer of duck meat could be thicker. Hee.
    3) Steak (Beef) – My friend enjoyed this.
    4) Pork Neck – My Main course. When it was served, there was a very strong aroma. And the tender meat simply disintegrated in my mouth. A must try!
    5) Cherries – Yummy. My favourite of the three desserts. Alcohol used.
    6) French Strawberry Soup (Complimentary) – Tasted like smoothie, as how the staff said it would be too. Very refreshing.
    7) Poached Prunes – I am not a big fan of prunes, but this was my girlfriend’s favourite. Alcohol used.
    8) Grand Marnier Souffle – Another delicious dessert, but on the heavier side. Which was also why we saved this for the last. Haha (If not we wouldn have room to try the earlier two)!
    9) White wine (Bottle)

    So yes. We were blown away by the food. Everything was yummy, yummy, yummy! And their service was superb too. The staff were very friendly and smilely. Though a particular French staff stood out. I am assuming he’s in charge of the floor for he was mainly the one serving the dishes and attending to the customers. And he did an excellent job, really. He made us felt very much at home. And when he recommended us the desserts, we could tell he genuinely wanted us to try their fine desserts than trying to push us into ordering.

    And it was also that fateful night that I lost my handphone at the common toilet in the service apartment. And I must add in Le Bon Marche’s excellent customer service does not just end after the dinner. When I returned to look for my handphone, the lady boss and the chef (Who were still around) opened their door for me although they were closed. They went to the extent of using their phone to call my mobile so that I could try to search for my mobile (Which was oddly still ringing), etc. Very nice people.

    I would highly recommend this place to everyone. For their awesome food and service. =)

  7. wonder where Ice’s comment on the lady boss’ attitude came from, coz clearly these ladies seems very pleased with the owners of Le Bon Marche and their “going the extra mile” service style

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