HungryEpicurean 2.0

HungryEpicurean 2.0

I had started this blog only 2 months ago, but all this while, I felt that the previous template was boring. The last straw was when I saw the exact same template, being used as a recruitment site for ‘social escorts’. Before you go thinking, Glenn patronizes blogs with indecent material, let me state for the record that it was not the case. It was a random window that popped up when I was searching for job vacancies for a friend.

Rather than go searching for another template, I believe that the blog needed a custom designed template instead. And so, to the drawing board I went. Ideas, Colour Schemes, Layouts came to mind.

Although I am, what you could call, technically competent, one skilled that I lacked in, is creativity. I need someone who could bring my ideas to life. I needed a web designer, who could take my ideas (which have been in point form) and transform them into a full fledged design.

I approached Priscilla from UNNU, who I had found out from Brad. Quoting Brad in his entry on the new design, Priscilla was “very professional, and design-forward”.  A few e-mails were exchanged, with me explaining a few ideas that I had in mind such as the colour scheme and sites that I liked. A few days later, she replied with the first mockup. Imagine my happiness when I saw the mockup that she had designed was very close to what I had in mind!

I hope that you will enjoy the new design as much as I had, putting it together.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please highlight them to me.

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