Bangkok: Ba Mee Sawang

Bamee Sawang - Egg Noodles with Crab at Hua Lamphong Bangkok

Yet another fantastic find on our recent trip to Bangkok is the egg noodles from family-owned Bamee Sawang (or Ba Mee Sawang) located in Hua Lam Phong.

The egg noodles were fantastic simply because the homemade noodles worked well with the robust broth. The myriad of ingredients were absolutely fresh and delicious. An interesting point to note about the egg noodles, they were made fresh, right in the shop. 

Bangkok: Pee Aor

Bangkok: Pee Aor

I’ll be completely honest – prior to my recent trip to Bangkok, I’ve not heard of, much less tried, Tom Yum Goong Noodles. (I’m not referring to Tom Yum flavoured instant noodles). With the benefit of hindsight, I’m very glad that I made it a point to try it this time. This was so good that I have since made a mental note to return.

Johore Bahru: Faculty of Caffeine

Johore Bahru - Faculty of Caffeine

The previous week, we paid a visit to another night org cafe in Johore Bahru, Faculty of Caffeine. Little did we know that Faculty of Caffeine was opened by the same good people behind the recently blogged, The Replacement.

Located along Jalan Trus in the vicinity of IT Roo Cafe (which serves up good ole’ Hainanese Chicken chop), the cafe itself is small and dark – a stark contrast from the somewhat large sitting capacity for a cafe and white wash walls of The Replacement. 

Johore Bahru: The Replacement – Lodge & Kitchen

JB - The Replacement Cafe - Jalan Dhoby

Last weekend, we visited a relatively new cafe in Johore Bahru as part of our cafe hopping adventure. By no means was this visit to The Replacement a planned one – our initial plans to visit IT Roo Cafe (which is supposed to be famous for their Hainanese style chicken chops) but had to walk away disappointed because they were closed for renovations.

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